Newbie No More

Happy balloons

I was such a newbie, pinning my hopes for lurve on the crazy world of dating sites. What did I know? Pffft! It seemed like a good idea at the time. Make a profile, enter some wishy washy characteristics of my dream dude… and then sit back and wait for the magical messages to arrive dinging at my desktop.

Or not. It was like searching for a lost green button in a field of grass… and trying to avoid stepping on any venomous snakes in the process. You’d think after a few years of doing this, my technique would improve to the point where I could just cruise onto a site, disregard the scammers and psychos, and easily find a cool guy to chat with and meet.

Alas no. In fact, the news now is that the sites are so filled with con artists and bad guys that it’s too scary to even contemplate clicking on one at all! It’s harder than ever to figure out who’s legit, and if you start out being suspicious of everyone, how can you act fun and flirtatious? Blerghhhhh.

I think it’s good to check in every once in a while and decide yet again to continue my hiatus from the madness. Naturally, I share this with my readers, especially when I can shovel in all the prompt words. 😀

Sad balloons


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14 responses to “Newbie No More

  1. Better be on your guard! Good use of all the prompts.

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  2. Helpful share on your experience, Paula. Gives me more reasons to stay away from them. I think a much better idea if you’re in the market for dates is to find a hobby where the people who do it meet up. Have you ever looked at meetup to find a group?

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  3. You definitely fit in a bunch of prompt words in this post. And thanks for reminding me how happy I am to be married and not having to deal with dating sites!

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  4. This is very clever. Made me smile. Someone keeps emailing me dating site details. Feels like an alien world to me. I would be clueless.

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    • I don’t recommend them. To me, they’re the opposite of romance… like buying something from Amazon. Listing your “specs” and comparing. Getting the best deal? Take it for a 30 day test run. Send it back no charge. Ughhh. Treats people like objects. Everyone ends up cold and heartless in their interactions.

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  5. Never mind a dating site, I’d date you right now 💞

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  6. … and I second what Jack said. Never give up. However, if you can, pls. do point me to the kind of guy you are looking for? Like you can one day imagine him like sitting or standing right next to you, talking to you, moving around in the house or you guys having a walk. Just write some imaginary stuff and when you are on an actual date with someone, you can always try to match some of what you wrote with that guy on your way back home. Just an idea. Best of luck finding love of your life. 🌹💕

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