Gatsby & Me

Beckie’s theme this week for her “Working on Us” series is emotional support/therapy animals.

Prompt #1 Questions:

1. Do you own a pet for emotional support and/or service/therapy?

– Gatsby allows me to live here as long as I feed him and buy him treats.


2. Is your pet a certified therapy animal?

– No.

3. What kind of pet do you own?

– A scary little beast! ❤️


4. Do you believe that support animals truly assist those in need? 

– I do, but except for certain types of trained dogs who actually perform tasks, the others provide emotional assistance only. And when it comes to public safety, I’m a people-first person. So, I am not a fan of untrained animals being in closed public spaces like planes, stores, restaurants, etc. Unfortunately, they can and do get away from their owners.

5. Do you believe that any animal can be a therapy/support pet?

– Yes, or any object, since it’s all in the patient’s mind as to what is making them feel better. Plenty of people carry little good luck beads, charms, or whatever to help them through an event. I don’t think we should judge, except that public safety comes first. If you have a supportive boa, you’ll just have to get her support at home.


Prompt #2 Narrative:  

Describe how your pet is of support to you? EXAMPLE: Helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc… (And, please… Share their name and a photo) if you desire.  

– Gatsby came into my life when I was at a low point after a romantic breakup. That man didn’t like animals, so I’d held off on getting another cat after my sweet Cocoa had passed on. But I did miss having one. My daughter went to the shelter with me, and she was the one who picked Gatsby and also chose his name later (I was going for Ringo). He turned out to be purrfect for me, just the sweetest little cuddler. I talk to him all the time, and he’s a great listener, never judging or criticizing, doesn’t jump in with unwanted advice, just snuggles and purrs. Sometimes he does have his own loud opinions at random times, especially very early in the morning, but he’s entitled. He’s eight years old now, still healthy and active, yay, and I hope we have many more great years together. I doubt I will have another pet after Gatsby because not only is he the best but also… they are a lot of work for an older person who has no help. It’s hard for me to do some of the practical things like take him to the vet… lifting his carrier really hurts my neck and back. So, anyway. I will treasure my days with him. And I do! I look forward to seeing him when I come home from work, and I miss him when I’m away. Sometimes I don’t want to go out because I love hanging at home with him. He’s my boo. 💖💖💖



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16 responses to “Gatsby & Me

  1. Your boo is very boo-tiful!

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  2. Great post.
    I really liked the part about pets never criticising never judging

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  3. Ha ha brilliant, Gatsby wins hands down, ” If you have a supportive boa, you’ll just have to get her support at home.” Isn’t this victimising fashion cultists? I mean some boas are very vibrant and offer enormous satisfaction to the wearers?

    Nicely done Gatsby 🙂

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  4. Gatsby is so cute! ❤️❤️ would love to hear even more about him! ☺️☺️

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