Karma [flash 170]


“What’ll you have, buddy?” The bartender continued wiping the spacious counter as his lone customer remained silent.

This one was a middle-aged man, dark hair going silver. Bit of a pot belly. You could tell he’d been a charmer in his youth.

The bartender stopped in front of him. “Permit me to make a suggestion?”

The customer nodded, his shoulders slumping. It was clear he’d had authority once and lost it. Now, he couldn’t even make a simple decision, but the flash of fire in his eyes indicated that he remembered what it had been like.

Karma with a twist,” the bartender said.

The customer shrugged and nodded.

A cackle erupted from the bartender’s throat. “She’s no lady!”

But once a choice had been spoken, it could not be unsaid, and the demon Karma materialized to take him away for a thousand years.

“Wait!” the bartender screamed. “Not me! Him!”

After they’d disappeared, the customer went behind the bar and found a cold brew. This would do nicely indeed.


Β© 2019 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

9 responses to “Karma [flash 170]

  1. An interesting twist!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had one of those karma drinks one thousand years ago which featured the raw punch of unadulterated alcohol and it was just yesterday that I was able to crawl back from my stupered state.

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  3. That’s a twist alright πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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  4. I had to read that twice. Nice, totally unexpected β€œtwist.”

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