Location [socs]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Where the hell am I?”

That used to be a common thing I’d say in the car before GPS devices. I have no sense of direction whatsoever. It’s kind of weird too because my parents were both great with directions, especially my dad (he loved maps), and my daughters are also good. But the whole innate positioning sense of where the hell I am and what I need to do to get to where I want to be… well, that gene just completed skipped over me. Whoosh!

Actually not only in the car. I can get lost in a building just as easily. Which way to the exit / bathroom / elevator? Idk. I have to do the routine several times before it’s stuck in my brain. Other people seem to recall it after one trip. If I’m in a new location, I’ll generally choose the wrong way every time even though odds are I should be right half the time. Nope.

But luckily I have my phone now, always fully charged and ready to tell me where I parked and how to get back home from the cat food store. 😻


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28 responses to “Location [socs]

  1. I’m so like this. Permanently lost. My head just can’t deal with location. My phones GPS is such a help.

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  2. I have a strong innate sense of direction, but I can’t translate that into giving directions to other people.

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  3. i get lost when i am travelling with someone, especially in large hotel complexes, but left alone i will find my way (eventually)!

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  4. I hope Gatsby appreciates the effort and obstacles overcome on his behalf. Oh, nevermind, he’s a cat. He expects it. 😻😹

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  5. I love your honest and transparent accountability Paula! It shows the beauty of being flawed instead of prideful attempt at perfection! You’re a beautiful soul! 😀 ❤

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  6. You are so cute. 💖


  7. I didn’t get a cellphone until the day I drove around like the Flying Dutchman for two hours looking for a client’s office that was about ten minutes away from my hotel…

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  8. You sound exactly like me.
    I can remember lyrics after hearing them once. I can remember the exact shade of a colour and match it without a swatch.
    But directions?!!!!
    Its a miracle I dont get lost on my way to the bathroom.

    And I am still not able ro decipher Google maps .

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  9. What an interesting life you have Paula, making all those trips to the cat food store.

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  10. I can’t do the directions, don’t know where west or east is. Otherwise if I have been to someplace I will at least have an idea how to get there.

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  11. Those were my words when we moved from Denver to Houston with no mountains to know where west was!😂

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  12. I can relate to getting lost easily in buildings too. This past Thursday & Friday I worked from another building and I got lost more times than I can count. I couldn’t remember which side the ladies room was on so on one … or two occasions, I almost walked into the wrong place. lol

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  13. Hah! I can’t figure out how to use a GPS. I mean, I know how to tell my phone I want to go from here to there, but I can’t navigate with it. For example, the day I was trying to get to the immigration police in a never-been-to-before neighborhood I used GPS but was confused by the pointer thingy. I realized after a bit that I was not going where my GPS had told me to go. I saw some construction workers in a parking lot and asked them where the police station was. Their first reaction was one of concern and they asked if I was all right and needed help. (The sweethearts!) “Oh, no, I’m fine, I just need directions!” I said, while holding my smart phone with its GPS app open. 🙄 Darned good thing I can read a printed map. I now use the GPS to tell me which way north is, then just follow the map.

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  14. Phone GPS is a real lifesaver. God bless whoever who invented it! Glad to know I’m not alone. My family calls me hopeless as far as my direction sense is concerned!

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