Fun While It Lasted

Roller Coaster

I was an adrenaline junkie for some years, off and on, though if you met me now you wouldn’t think so. Like many, I thought I was invincible, and/or that I was so special an angel or whatever was looking out for me in particular to ensure I remained on this side of the veil.

You want to scream at teenagers who think this way. You’re not special! You can die at any time. You’ve just been lucky so far. But of course they aren’t going to listen; they’re teenagers. Duh.

One of the tamer ways I found excitement was by seeking out the newest, largest roller coasters within driving distance. One theme park my high school friends and I went to was in Gurnee, Illinois, which in 1978 debuted the Tidal Wave (it had been in operation at other Six Flags’ parks). This wasn’t a complicated RC to the naked eye, though it was a sophisticated engineering marvel, just up, loop, and down. No biggie, right? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±

We went on that thing as many times as we could, in between eating burgers and fudge and going on other loopy doopy rides. Did I get sick, dizzy, or nauseated? Nope! Did my back, neck, or feet hurt? Nah. Did I pass out, fall off, or die? Um no.

Time passed. I moved to California. My head began to hurt all the time. A date took me to Magic Mountain and we went on a coaster, but I didn’t feel good afterwards. I took my kids to Knott’s Berry Farm with another mom and we all went on a tame ride and my neck ached from the bouncing. I began to avoid rides completely. They just seemed like something I’d be better off not doing.

A few times in the past several years I’ve been to the Orange County Fair (where I’m going today, btw, and let us hope there are no shootings or stabbings), and friends have occasionally persuaded me to go on rides. Turns out, I don’t enjoy them any longer at all. I feel no joy in that adrenaline rush I once did.

I guess I have changed, in one area anyway.


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19 responses to “Fun While It Lasted

  1. Growing up does that.

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  2. I’m a scaredy cat. I prefer being on Terra firma. You have been brave. 🌺

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  3. I have always hated rollercoasters. They scare me. I even freak out in the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island (Brooklyn), which is essentially a very tame Ferris Wheel….I should try getting on one now. I might like it, now that I’m older πŸ˜πŸ˜‰.

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  4. Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Astroworld, and Elitch Gardens, Universal Studios all great fun.

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  5. I would rather stay home and watch Netflix.

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  6. I used to like rides. Somewhere along the way I quit and I don’t miss them. We never had a big roller coaster here, just a kiddie ride one. I’d be too dizzy these days. πŸ™‚

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  7. I had a related experience. Carnival rides didn’t used to bother me. Then i went on one that took you up high, turned you upside down, and spun you around. Ever since then I get motion sickness very easily.

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  8. At our local fairs I used to love something called The Swinging Gym, I think. One or two people could get in and stand up inside this metal cage with bars on either end and the carnival guy would give you a slight shove to get your pendulum swing going. Then you’d use your strength and body tossing to try to get the cage to go all the way up in the sky, eventually hoping to clear the top and get into a constant merry-go-round sort of rotation until it was no longer a struggle to go over the top.

    I became a master at that thing. Strong like bull. It was pretty fun getting it to go faster and faster.

    These days?

    I’d probably have a hear attack before I’d even get it to swing three-fourths of the way up.

    Couch potato smartphone damage.

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    • Hear attack? Nope. Typoo attack.

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      • I found a couple YouTube videos of the Jungle Gym in action, as you do, but before I got around to properly formatting it for WordPress comment clicks, I got called away to a totally different clusterfuck. Oy.

        That’s basically a summary of my life ever since October 3rd, 1984. And before that too. But that’s the day when I started counting my days. Right after a wrench fell on my head while I was working on putting a custom upswinging pool access door on my garage.

        Details, details.

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