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Beckie has been providing a great series of prompts about various topics related to mental health. I haven’t been chiming in, but I made some time for this one. [My bad, I originally credited it to Ashley, and I’ll leave her link below, since it’s where I found the post to use.]

This week’s topic is social media.

Prompt #1 Questions: 

1. Does social media affect your overall mental health?  If so, please describe how it does affect you? 

– Yes, blogging affects my mental health in a positive way because I have control over my blog and can vet the comments (when necessary). Twitter can go both ways. I read good poetry there, which is inspiring; but sometimes I end up reading too much of the political garbage, which is a downer.

2. How does it make you feel when you see family/friends posting pictures of them living their life happily?  

– This is mostly irrelevant to me because I am not on Facebook or Instagram. When I see bloggers posting happy photos, I smile with them.

3. Do the following people make you feel inadequate in any way due to your mental health?    

– Is the question about envy? Am I sad when I see people in couples? No. I know what it would take for me to be in a relationship and am not willing to make those sacrifices (again). As far as family photos, I have lots of those myself, but I don’t post many out of respect for their privacy.

4. What has been your overall experience with social media?  And, what sites do you follow?  

– As I said, blogging has been a wonderful and positive experience. The writing community here on WP is full of kind and supportive people. Twitter is somewhat positive. Facebook was a net negative and I let it go. Instagram too.

5. Have you considered not being on social media?  

– Sometimes, when I feel time-pressured and discouraged by zero book sales. Like, why am I bothering? I could just read and watch TV. But it’s fun regardless.

6. If you have quit social media sites, has it improved your mental health and stability?  

– Quitting Facebook was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did it suck me into the most pointless arguments about the SOS, but it gave me the false impression I had all these “friends,” which of course was bullshit. Most of them couldn’t even be bothered to visit me here after there was no link in their facefeed. Bookmark? Huh?

7. Has social media ever triggered you in a negative way?  Explain how?  

– Yes. There is a problem with some of the sites in that they are relentless in showing you people (“suggestions”) you would rather never see again. Forex, I can’t log on to LinkedIn without them suggesting I connect with the man who broke my heart. There’s no way to block him or whatever. It’s been long enough now, and my heart has been smashed up worse, for his face not to matter to me any longer. But there were a few years I could not touch the site.


Prompt #2  We are all familiar with “Selfies”  Describe for us, what is the first thing you think of when you see your family/friends keep sending and/or posting selfies?

– This is no longer an issue for me, since I’m off FB. I love seeing any/all pics of my family, and my friends aren’t into selfies. I’ve never perfected the art of the selfie. Back on FB, there were some women who took a lot of selfies and it always appeared like a desperate attention-seeking ploy.

Then again, aren’t we all on social media to get attention of one kind or another?


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31 responses to “Mental Health ~ Social Media

  1. I watched my daughters go through drama on MySpace, then Facebook and said “No thanks.” I’ve never had an account and I never will.
    WordPress is awesome. The community is absolutely the best. Everyone is super supportive and the pace is whatever you want it to be.
    Yeah, what’s the deal with selfies? It’s like people are stuck in their teens when appearance was EVERYTHING.

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    • Right? Some never grow out of that teen mentality. Sad. I closed my FB in 2009 and opened another intending it only as a placeholder. Needless to say, I was unable to stick with that plan.

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      • One of these days I may try other sites. I haven’t given up on dating *entirely*. My time is too precious right now. After Ben takes his ginormous chunk, and the daughters take theirs, the rest is all for me alone. Just me.
        Never imagined actively parenting in my 50s 🤪🤯

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  2. I don’t count WordPress as a social media site. I think of it as an intellectual media!

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  3. Great answers! I agree facebook can be negative! I’m on there but don’t really go on often now. BTW, when are the audio versions of your books out? xoxo

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  4. The prompts actually come from Beckie’s Mental Mess.
    I’m with you on Facebook. It seems like the most messed up of any of the social media platforms.

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  5. I’m not on any social media other than WP, and that suits me.

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  6. I love these answers. With you on Facebook. It just annoyed me and gave me nothing in return. Best move ever to ditch it.

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  7. Hi, Paula! I’m so happy you participated in Week #10 of “Working on Us” – It great to have you!
    You know, It’s funny to me and I don’t know why, but I never looked at WP being a social media site. LOL! However, in a sense, it sort of is. Plus it is a much better source of positivity here amongst our blogging community.
    I really enjoyed your answers especially in regards to FB. I still have my FB and Instagram sites open, but after talking to another blogger today, I may close out the old ones and create new accounts that are suitable to my purpose and what I truly enjoy.
    Again, thank you so very much for joining in this week. Hopefully, we’ll see you again in a future post!
    Take Care! 💚

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  8. Reblogged this on Beckie's Mental Mess and commented:
    REBLOG: Paula Light of “Light Motifs II” Joins us this Week #10 on “Working on Us” – I enjoyed reading Paula’s candid answers to this week’s questions based on this weeks topic: Social Media

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  9. All good points. Blogging good; the others not so much.

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  10. I Like WP, too. It’s the only platform I really use. My plan is to SLOWLY get into Twitter, but we shall see. I like WP, because like you said – I am the one who controls the pace. The Reader does not fill up with spam every second of the day like Twitter does. People actually post original content instead of only retweeting. (What’s the point if your feed has retweets ONLY???)
    I also like WP because it’s versatile. Your post can be as short or as long as you want it to be.

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  11. I keep Twitter and Facebook around, but every time I go to them, I find myself wondering “why am I here?” I like Instagram and the pictures, and of course love the blog…

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  12. Sometimes it is just best to take a break from social media for the sake of your mental health. I have always been a confident and secure in myself. However sometimes I’ll see that someone has posted a picture and think to myself, “am I as pretty as I think I am”. I also find social medial to be quite detrimental to relationships as well.

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  13. Interesting take on social media and mental health! I’ve come across a book that explains how social media is making us unhappy, undermining our soul. Have a look at my new post

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