Kerfuffle [socs]

This whole blog theft kerfuffle has caused an astronomical amount of disruption in our once peaceful little community. 😱

First, let’s consider the good things. What? How can there be good things? Well, how about the fact that lots of us immediately joined together in support and sympathy for each other, sharing info and strategy and trying to keep each other’s spirits up? I’d say that’s pretty great. 💖

But yeah, other than that… disruption, upheaval, anger, cursing, murderous rage… okay, those last two were mostly me, but I do tend to get a bit carried away. 😡

We have people talking about passwording their blogs (which I’ve done before and is a pain in the butt), and we now have one valued writer who has shut down her three blogs due to the theft. No one has received any satisfaction from contacting Digital Ocean, the hosting provider for the thieves.

I am considering making some changes to my blog because of this stressful situation. While I do not normally post anything but the tiniest excerpts from my published (or wannabe published) fiction, I still intensely dislike the idea of this disgusting bot spider grabbing all my posts and plopping them somewhere else, even with a linkback.

But I don’t know what changes yet. I like everything the way it is, and I don’t want to change my ways due to their bad behavior. I’m trying to shrug off the mess because I want to focus on having a productive yet restful weekend, and it’s going well so far. (I am writing this late Friday night and will schedule it to post 1AM Saturday.) 🌸

If you don’t post big chunks of work you intend to publish, you should be alright except for the annoyance factor. I’ve self-published poetry that I’ve blogged and the Amazon bot found it, but they asked if it was mine and I said yes, so that was fine. I vaguely remember things called “splash” pages back in the day… your updated posts were not on that main page. It took an extra click (AN EXTRA CLICK OMG WHO HAS TIME?) to get to the blog. But we all read by feed now, or most/many of us do. I wonder if the spiders would be thwarted by a splash page?

One of y’all will know, I’m sure. 🙂

31 responses to “Kerfuffle [socs]

  1. Paula, I got caught up in it all yesterday, but decided to carry on as normal, even though I am writing a book, and some excerpts are on WP. But I figured in the end it wasn’t worth it to let them mess my life up. Mustn’t let them win! So, let’s just keep going. They’ve lifted may famous people’s blogs as well, like Celine Dion, and various foitball clubs etc. It can’t go on for ever! Someone will surely stop them soon, somehow, wgen they find out. Anyway, nice to “meet” you Paula. Have a nice weekend despite all this!

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  2. hi, would love for you to check out my poem about bullying..☺️

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  3. Glad you’re still with us Paula

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  4. I think for any writers who have valued poetry and stories especially that they hope will be purchased by readers…this is all very scary. And I understand that they would want to protect their work.

    I don’t have anything on my site that I think is particularly valuable, it is all mostly personal. I don’t intend to use it as a source of income. Is anyone making money out of harvesting our posts and putting them on this other website?

    I am just baffled about why someone would lift so much work that is wholly unconnected with them? Are they making money out of us unsuspecting little bloggers who are just doing this for a bit of fun and are not making a penny out of our hobby???

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  5. Would you mind explaining what happened a bit more? How did you discover your work was being blogged elsewhere without proper credit? I don’t want to burden you with explaining something you already have, but I did read through your recent posts about this matter and couldn’t quite get how you discovered this. I did see very clearly how understandably angry you are and I really hope you find s good solution!!

    If there is a post that explains what happened in more detail, I’d be glad to be directed to it.

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    • One of the bloggers in our community discovered that her work was being stolen and reposted at this site called I imagine that she periodically does searches to keep on top of this issue, since it’s something that’s very important to her. She kindly alerted the rest of us that our stuff was also being stolen too.

      If you merely click onto that site you won’t see anything but hashtags. You have to put your name or your blog’s name in the search bar. Even then, you may have to scroll down a bit to find your stolen work, if it’s there, since that site has so much content, and lots of related things may come up in a search.

      Unlike a legit website, there is no contact info for Tygpress, so some of us have appealed to the server host to take down our work. They’ve been no help. It’s so frustrating and we don’t know what more we can do.

      The original blogger who discovered this has now shut down her blogs. If you do that, your posts will disappear from the site because it continuously updates with spiders crawling through our stuff. Or, you could just delete or password any writing you intend to publish later in order to protect it. Or, you could do nothing.

      I think it appears most of us will likely do nothing. Hope this helps! 🙂

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  6. I tried to figure out Tygpress and got frustrated. All I can figure is that some kid figured out how to create a search engine and it’s running rampant.

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  7. I’ve read several people’s posts about this. For me I’m just ignoring the whole thing, as nothing on my blog is for later sale. It’s all just random stuff for fun.

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  8. Very nicely expressed Paula! ❤

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  9. What a conundrum! I wonder if they stole anything of mine??!! Maybe not; my writing is so personal.

    For what it’s worth, I’m truly sorry to hear of this Paula and I’m hoping the thieves might have an attack of conscience and do the right thing. Even though I’m thinking that’s unlikely.

    Like you said, no stress. Upward and onward!

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    • It seems they are taking all WordPress blogs regardless of content, so I would guess yours is there too. 🙁

      I’m going to google a bit to see if there’s a snippet of code we can insert in our setup to repel spiders. Someone must have thought of this. I do see there is a box to uncheck to keep our blogs off google and such, but I don’t want that. I will update everyone further if/when I have more info.

      Until then, let’s stay calm. 😡😡😡

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  10. I am so frustrated that there seems to be nothing we can do to protect and secure our own intellectual property, but with hacks and randomware and screenscrapes and harvesting, there are just too many bad actors who gleefully steal from us. I’m not ready to give up on my blog like Teresa did, but I’m getting close.

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  11. owner contact and hosting/domain information is as below;

    Owner: Amrut Miskin
    Address: 103C, Radha Kunj, Manmala Tank Road, Matunga West, Mumbai, Maharashtra Post Code 400016, INDIA
    Phone: +91.9324252309

    Website Hosted by and their contact info is:

    DigitalOcean, LLC

    Attn: Alan Shapiro
    101 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor

    New York, NY 10013

    Hope it helps.

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  12. Blog theft… whatever next!

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