Update on the Thing

I don’t want to keep naming THEM, in case new people don’t know what’s what and go visit, thus generating more traffic to the Bad Place. Those who know will know. You know?

So, the thieves are now linking back to me at the end of each of my posts with my blog name and Paula Light, naming me as the source of the post. It’s like a reblog in that way, except still hostile because generally reblogs are occasional when something is of particular interest, not lifting every post.

I think I’m going to be done with this mess. I’m so stressed out as it is I can’t allow these jerkfaces to dominate my mind any longer. I have three audiobooks in production right now! My throat hurts, my head aches, my toe throbs, work awaits, chores languish, writing beckons, events glare… it’s ridonkulous.

I suggest you do what I did though, if you are not being credited as the source of your own posts and given a clickable link back at the Bad Place. Contact Digital Ocean and fill out their DCMA form via the front page menu.

Then try to put it out of your mind forever.

9 responses to “Update on the Thing

  1. I guess you could think of at this way… your stuff is valuable enough for someone to want to steal it.

    Hope the rest of your headaches, migraines included, are all doing better.

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  2. ❤ I think I am with you on this one.

    I am bewildered at what they are doing…but it's not going to rob me of any sleep. I am sure they won't benefit from re-blogging my kind of pathetic posts anyway. At least they make it clear it is mine.

    It's all rather odd though. Weird weird weird. But I have a drinks date (not a romantic thing) with a gorgeous man who called me and asked me if I am free. So I am going.

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  3. Rest not stress👍 I hope your kooties go away soon🤧🤕💌

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  4. Hey it looks like it done shut them down for at least a little while. Why why they would want my other rinky dink blog i dunno but it was there. So long as i dont get a case or forty of SPAM up in the I will be happy enough to see the baddies fade to invisible. Enough negative crap out there already, ok, moving on 😛 🙂

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