Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

It’s just a word. But I understand if you don’t like it. There are words I hate too, but they’re ethnic slurs, not curse words. I don’t even mind derogatory names for women, if they’re said in the spirit of fun and flirting. Who decides that? Well, me. Duh!

But back to the F-bomb. You know who else doesn’t like fuck? Those fucking thieves at tygpress. It’s the one word you can search for there that gives you blank results. Damn and shit are apparently okay with them, but fuck is a no-go. So random.

I discovered this by chance when I realized that my post cursing them out wasn’t on their site with the rest of the writing they are stealing from me continuously (along with all y’all). So, I began searching for various words, etc.

Like several of you, I’ve contacted GoDaddy and Digital Ocean with takedown notices and… nothing. GoDaddy says they don’t host the fucking thieves, so too bad, so sad. Digital Ocean doesn’t respond at all. It’s been an education in how little you can actually do when someone decides to be a blatant anonymous asshole online.

I tried a couple things in the meantime. One, I switched the name of my blog to Light Fucking Motifs to see if my posts would then vanish from the bad place, but nothing changed after the transition. So, I switched it back. Two, I tagged a post that was on the bad site with #fuck to see if it would disappear, and no. It stayed. This leads me to conclude that the actual word fuck needs to be in the content of the post for their bots to pick it up and reject it.

Obviously I’ve been spending way too much time brooding over this. Why? Idk. I guess journalists are resigned to the fact that everything they write will be reposted somewhere else, maybe with a link to the source, maybe not. Eventually you learn to shrug it off. It’s so frustrating when it first happens though! The thieves could link back to us, like a blogroll. What’s the big deal? Why are they being such dicks? No one is going to read/follow blogs from their site, since the format sucks. I guess they just want to turn into an enormous search engine or something and then sell ads by saying look at all these clicks.

And you know we’re helping them every time we go there. 🤮

So… am I going to put a little fuck in every post? Will my OCD compel me to go back and sneak a tiny fonted fuck at the end of my old published posts? That’s just absurd!

Sigh… 🙄

UPDATE: This post is now on the theft site. So idk what. It doesn’t come up in a specific search, but it does partially show under my site name with a snippet of the F-bombs intact. It is not clickable to a full post like the others.

UPDATE 2: They are now linking back to my blog twice by blog name and with Paula Light at the end of every post, just like a reblog, naming me as the source. Okay. I’m done.

44 responses to “Fuck

  1. I wonder what would happen if we typed the word “fuck” in white. Maybe that would deter their bot. Good post, btw! 🙂

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  2. So, we should all just fuck the bastards over by adding a little “fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck” as Cartman would say, to our blogs? Works for me👍

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  3. Bunch’s cunts.

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  4. Well you know me, fuck is a good work, l don’t know but there is just something about fucking that l like … ‘e muff said!!’

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  5. The Haunted Wordsmith

    According to Digital Oceans, all complaints are reviewed by hand and it can take some time. If it takes more than 72 hours, I am contacting them on Twitter again.

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  6. Your idea is good but I cannot use this word. It would clash horribly with my theme

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  7. Nice try, Paula. Frustrating is right. Isn’t there some interstate/international copyright infringement agency that could investigate them? It’s flagrant theft!

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  8. digitalocean is who host them btw

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  9. I must say I’m not using this as much as I did when my 17 year old used to drive me around. He was a good driver and was very frustrated by other drivers. One time to illustrate my point that I was tired of hearing it, I imitated him, loudly, using the f word every other word. We’re both older now😂. But I use it if I’m alone frustrated about something or suddenly startled, or shit, might pop out uncontrollably. My bad.

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  10. I feel your pain!

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  11. I just got this email from DigitalOcean. No help whatsoever:

    “Thank you for your submission. A member of the Trust & Safety team will review the details as soon as possible. If appropriate, the information will be forwarded to the associated customer in its entirety.

    “As we are an unmanaged cloud hosting provider, we do not create, administer, or have direct access to our customers’ Droplets. This means that we cannot make direct changes to any programs or websites hosted there.

    “Additionally, our internal policies do not allow us to share information about the customer with third parties without a signed US court order compelling us to do so.”


    Trust & Safety
    DigitalOcean Support

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  12. I did a search to see if my (poor, neglected) blog had landed in the hands of the Eevell ones, and oh, how, ironic: One hit at Tygpress is “That Time I Had My Writing Stolen”.

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  13. Fuck knows, it’s just a word. Nice article though! I sense a conspiracy regarding the disappearing fucks though! As if they don’t give a fuck, they just take them?

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    • The site is down! Yay! But they did take this post when the site was up. It was different from other posts though in that you couldn’t find it specifically in a search. It was still listed in my overall search results however, as a snippet.


      • That’s latency for you! I also noticed some of my brilliant gems of incandescent wisdom were showing up on these theft sites. Until recently I didn’t give it much thought. Is it even worth fighting?

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      • Some say it’s no big deal, especially if you get a link back. Others were so upset they deleted their blogs or passworded their posts. I’m in the middle: annoyed enough to complain, but not enough to change my ways. I have been putting a copyright © at the end of every post though.


      • I do think I understand your perspective though. You’re a pro and writing is your livelihood, these bastards are scraping content for the sake of getting traffic. They have no idea about the actual content. Even though I’m a wannabe writer but it still irks me now that I think about it. If they were farming content nothing could’ve been simpler than linking back to the original post. They will still get traffic, so would you. No honor among thieves I guess?

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      • They linked back. But it’s customary to post a snippet with a link, not lift the whole post. When you do that, there’s little incentive for anyone to go read the original. I don’t mind when people do it with my prompt posts because those are set up to help people write on their own sites, plus the very nature of prompt posts drives traffic here. The harvester site never uses prompts to write new content though. They are the opposite of creativity!

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      • Now I understand! Phew… Took me long enough! Well fuck them! Nonetheless, I also remember seeing phantom images of drawings I saw it eons ago once when I did a search. Naive much? Only in later years did I learn about harvester sites. But yeah… What do do… Except say “fuck them!?”

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      • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  14. 🤝

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