Weekly Prompts ~ Doubters

Socially, I’m not an interrogator. But this is mostly because I don’t care, as a general rule. Meeting new people is not my favorite thing, and I make only a minimal amount of small talk to be polite. If they say they’re from my city, forex, I won’t start quizzing them on streets and restaurants to ensure they aren’t lying. What if they are? Maybe they’re a secret agent… why should I blow their cover?

I vibe to people who are like me, casual with questions and more likely to chat about themselves or the situation. I don’t like “sea lions” ~ you know, the type of guy (it’s always a guy) who barks questions rapid-fire as if you’re a suspect in a crime.

“Orange County, huh. When’d you move there?”

“So, that was before they redid downtown Huntington Beach. Where did you hang out?”

“What did you order?”

“Who was your waitress? What color hair?”

“WRONG! She’s a blonde and you’re a liar! You never went to Ruby’s on the Pier, didja punk? DIDJA?”

10 responses to “Weekly Prompts ~ Doubters

  1. I am teaching my 7 year old grandson the rules of conversation. It’s never too early but it’s sometimes too late.

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  2. Good one! I like your choice, thank you for joining our Weekly Prompts crew! 🙂

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  3. “Maybe they’re a secret agent… why should I blow their cover?” A great line!
    The “sea lions” don’t sound very appealing to me either.

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  4. Lol! 😀 I’d move away from anyone who fired too many questions at me! I like socialising but I can be shy too at times!

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