Family Fun Time [flash 123]

“Let’s go over our lists,” Father said. “I have the tents and the grill.”

Sister checked her app. “I’ve got my e-books and a giant container of spinach, walnut, and apple salad. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and there’s enough for everyone!”

“No thanks,” Brother said. “I’m going to catch rabbits and barbecue them on Dad’s grill. I also have a sweet astral guide, so I can know which stars are which.”

“You’re disgusting!” Sister gasped.

“Now, now,” Mother soothed. “To each his own. I’m hoping to get some pics of the elusive Wild Murder Goat, and then sell them to the Enquirer.”

Father rolled his eyes. “There’s no goat. But we’re all gonna have a super fun camping weekend! Right, family?”

11 responses to “Family Fun Time [flash 123]

  1. My family never went camping.

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  2. At least Brother didn’t say he was going to cook the goat.

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  3. My family never went camping but my husband and I often took our kids camping! no goats and no shooting of rabbits however!

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  4. Goat – or chupacabra? 😈

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  5. When the WILD MURDER GOAT shows up, I hope he likes spinach and apples? Enjoyed!!

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