Games People Play [socs]

Clean versus dirty: What type of games do you play? I’m talking on the table here, not under it, and specifically board games.

There are many risqué games out there now, and several regular games have dirty or “dark” versions with references to sex, bathroom habits, drugs, drinking, and crime.

Some people love Cats Against Humanity, which is where you create nonsensical sentences out of phrases on hand. At first, this was fun, because it was different, but it soon became tiresome. After all, I’m always coming up with sentences from prompts; this isn’t something exciting. And being vulgar/violent isn’t thrilling for me either, since I can do that in a story anytime.

Then Taboo decided to meander over to the dark side. I don’t find it any more fun to try to make my team guess “Dirty Martini” than “Shirley Temple” however. This dirty Taboo should not be confused with the weird Taboo version that has words like “flibbertigibbet” in it. I like that one, but other people don’t.

Code Names has a dark version, which basically consists of 87,000 words for penis-related words. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if it’s your cup of tea. I’ve become the designated explainer on the sexual terms. I have done a lot of research for my romance novels; it’s important to sound authentic.

I have the dark versions of Family Feud and 5 Second Rule, but they aren’t really that risqué.

It seems there is no end to the number of products available to try to divert our attention from the bleak reality of our hopeless existence and the impossibly mind-bending fact that it’s hurtling to an end.

Happy Caturday! 😻

4 responses to “Games People Play [socs]

  1. This is so cool. We have a few games that have been stored away since our son was born, as a teenager soon I suspect they can come out again. I suspect he sees far worse language on YouTube these days anyway.

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  2. Hmmmm… do you think we’re trying to distract ourselves from the dumpster fire or has instant access to almost everything caused us to search for greater extremes for gratification?
    You don’t have to answer but your post made me think. I love when that happens!😍

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