Nemesis [flash 100]

He paused beside the smooth, towering trees, touching one tentatively as if for balance. The ground was spongy cool beneath his bare feet, but nothing hopped or crawled. Golden light poured in from the north and he slowly turned toward it, shading his eyes. He’d been away for a long time and moved hesitantly, not knowing what dangers lurked. Was his nemesis still hunting him, or did she die in the explosion along with the prototype humans? He needed to find out and began to jog toward the light.

“Cut!” yelled the director. “We’ll do the eyeball scene after lunch.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

17 responses to “Nemesis [flash 100]

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the end.

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  2. Good one, Paula. I love the turnaround at the end. Great fun!

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  3. Good ending (I’ve used similar too as it can work so well!)

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  4. I wanna see that movie!

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  5. Good ending, I liked it πŸ™‚


  6. Great take on the Prompt.

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  7. Ha! Love it! I guess he’s a Method actor.

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  8. Ha! Love it!πŸ‘πŸ€©


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