I Dreamt I Was the Moon [flash 100]

I dreamt i was the moon

I dreamt I was the moon, distant and translucent, and you were my divine horse, my Pegasus. You sailed over the pink pearl seas, steady as a heartbeat. Lavender dawn enveloped the earth as you flew on, silken wings tirelessly playing the rhythm of our love song. You never left me crying in the mortal night, not when I was the moon, surrounded by eternal skies and tended to by stars. You forgot to bring lightning to the gods; that’s how enraptured you were. Your devotion drifted through me like a cloud, angelic mist, but no use to me now.

20 responses to “I Dreamt I Was the Moon [flash 100]

  1. nice post…thanks for share

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  2. Poetic and charming

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  3. Paula, this is an amazingly beautiful piece here! Loved it!!!! 🤗

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  4. This is so lyrical.

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  5. This is so beautifully painted. I like the change in tone that comes with “You never…” – from romance to regret, somehow.

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  6. Oooh gorgeous words and thoughts. 🙂

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