PFF7: Floating

Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This post originally appeared here on July 19, 2011. I still like it. Haven’t read any more Naomi Ragen, but I gifted some of her novels to my youngest daughter, who enjoyed them too.

Tiny Paper Boats

“Close your eyes. Let your worries go. Imagine tiny paper boats holding little candles sent off on a dark river, each boat carrying another worry. Watch them float away into the distance. You know they are there as they sail past you, but you are no longer connected to them. You are cleansed, empty of care. They are distant. Listen to your inner voice without worry or sadness. Stifle for a moment your own human noise. Listen to the Divine conversation.” [The Tenth Song by Naomi Ragen]

I love this quote, and this novel. Yes, it swerves into faith, but I choose to gloss over that and focus on the rest of the message. The Divine doesn’t have to be Big Beardy … it can be whatever I want it to be. This candle-in-the-boat really works for me as a relaxation method. It’s very specific and organized.

I read a few of Ragen’s novels years ago and the other week found this one at the library. So glad I picked it up. Now I want to read the rest of them, if available.

5 responses to “PFF7: Floating

  1. Love the post Paula. We have an annual festival in Broome north of Perth, a town rich in pearling history called Shinju Matsuri where lanterns are floated into the ocean with one’s wishes or honouring loved ones passed. It’s a beautiful festival.

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