FPQ32: The Evil that Men Do

Fandango provocatively sez…

For this week’s provocative question, I am going to do something I haven’t before done in my provocative question prompt. I’m going to post something a fellow blogger wrote. In this case, the blogger is Judy Dykstra-Brown, and in one of her recent posts she wrote,

“I do believe that more evil has been done in this world by those absolutely sure of the rightness of their faith and their beliefs.”

So my question is this: do you agree with what Judy wrote? Why or why not?

Yes, I agree with this. I do think that mass evil is committed in the name of “righteousness,” not due to men knowing they’re wrong and believing they can get away with it. Some random crimes happen from the latter, but for coordinated grand scale evil to occur, not only do people need to believe they are right, but they must convince a certain portion of others also, enough to fight for them anyway. Not everyone needs to believe, but enough do, enough to intimidate the rest.

Sometimes, as it turns out, half the people don’t even need much persuasion to go along with horrible shit. It was already lurking there in their minds all along and they were just waiting for a nasty hateful unprincipled man with no boundaries to say what they were thinking.

20 responses to “FPQ32: The Evil that Men Do

  1. Yep. You said it.

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  2. Yes. You’re right.

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  3. Well said Paula, I agree wholeheartedly!

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  4. People are just people and all people are good and bad. There is no group of people that has a monopoly on evil.

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  5. Nothing more dangerous than a group with a righteous cause. I agree with you. You’re also right that it gives people who want chaos and destruction the excuse they need.

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  6. “…and they were just waiting for a nasty hateful unprincipled man with no boundaries to say what they were thinking.” Apparently, in 2019, that’s 45% of Americans and 90% of Republicans, who approve of that nasty, hateful, unprincipled man.

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