PFF6 ~ Forgettable

Welcome to my Friday Flashback! This post originally appeared here on July 12, 2017, a mere two years ago. Some people (women) are unforgettable, larger than life, and you retain vivid memories of them decades after your last meeting. Even if you’ve only met them briefly, something about their looks or vibe is utterly captivating.

I’m not one of these women. People forget me instantly. They forget my name and that they ever met or knew me. Men who slept with me don’t even recall it. I’m bland and ephemeral. Light as air. I should have been a spy, blending into the scenery wherever I roamed. I do like staying home though.


I can’t seem to forget you…
Windsong stays on my mind.

Remember that commercial for the Prince Matchabelli perfume from 1980? I thought about it tonight when I unexpectedly ran across someone online from years ago and remembered him, but he had no memory of me at all. It was so vivid for me too, that connection we had during a time that was intense and painful for both of us, about a decade ago, and yet… it clearly meant nothing to him. Nothing at all. He apologized for failing to remember me, but it’s happened before, many times.

When I messaged this man, I was so… buoyant. I think that’s a good word for the emotion I felt earlier today. I had to shop at Target, and the whole time I was a bit floaty, thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to chat with someone who knew me from the time before… before the divorce, before my mother was gone. Why this is important to me, I don’t know. But it is. And so for a couple hours I felt light and happy, certain that my life would take a new direction as the man and I renewed our friendship.

I came home, put my stuff away, fed my kitty, fed the feral kitties (all three were around tonight!), got a snack, logged back on, and after a little while a message arrived. The man did not remember me. Oh well. Then that old commercial jingle popped into my head and I wondered if it would be possible to find it on YouTube. Of course… first hit.

[I replaced the dead video with a new one.]

17 responses to “PFF6 ~ Forgettable

  1. Your kindness toward cats makes up for your forgettableness.

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  2. I remember the commercial. 😂 I’m kind of the opposite. My memory is Swiss Cheese and my self-esteem was always so low that I felt invisible, lived in my own bubble. I’m always shocked that people *do* remember me! I guess being 6′ tall might be part of it.

    The old commercial I remember best is “Calgon! Take me away!” Probably because I feel like that every day😵

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  3. You’re not forgettable! Possibly to that person or to another person, but circumstances in the past were probably not as important for some people you knew then as they were for you.

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  4. Hey Paula, l have just tagged you for Borrow The Lyrics challenge 🙂

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  5. Don’t judge yourself by the actions of one person. It’s on him. You’re most certainly not the only woman he does not remember. It’s his problem. You ARE that woman. You ARE captivating.

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  6. I actually wish people didn’t always remember me. The ones who knew me when I was younger and assume I haven’t changed several decades later are annoying.

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