One-Liner Wednesday: Struggle

I love Mark Manson. I think I’m finally going to treat myself to his first book, and probably his new one as well. I went through a period of not liking him so much when he became ridiculously popular, since I had discovered him before that and liked “knowing” this secret, niche, edgy writer, but whatever. Can’t hide a light under a bushel, or something. (What the hell is a bushel?)

Regarding the main point, I’ve only really consistently loved and fought for one thing in my life: my children.

Can’t say I’ve really struggled for anything else. I just let things go when they’re hard. It’s my way.


One-Liner Wednesday

8 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday: Struggle

  1. Isn’t every day a bit of a struggle, Paula ?

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  2. A bushel is a basket. It’s also a dry measure in US and imperial units: 1 bushel=4 pecks=8 dry gallons, or roughly 35 liters. (well, you DID ask…)

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  4. My whole life is one, big struggle. I am always at work on something personal or dear to me. I see progress—lots of progress—though, and that’s why I’m happy.

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