Money Honey 🍯

Since none of today’s prompts have woken my creative beasts, instead I’m going to fall back on an old classic: the bitch and moan.

Today’s rant is about money. Now, I get that just because people ask for some doesn’t obligate me to give. My feelings are my own issue to deal with. If I feel guilty because I can’t donate to the animal shelter or the Alzheimer’s organization as I would like to, well, that’s my problem. They don’t have to quit sending me stuff.

People have the right to advertise and market. I do, however badly. Occasionally I say hey buy my books, and no one does, so like whatever. But at least I’m offering a product. I don’t say hey send me some money because I exist. See, that’s what I have a problem with.

I really resent being asked for money just because someone is there and I’m here. I have a blog, which I’ve paid for by the way, not that I have to, but I wanted to get rid of the ads, so if you read it in a browser, I’ve made it a nicer experience for you. Some people actually seem to enjoy reading my blog, yayyy! And I enjoy other blogs. Then… I’m asked for a donation? Wtf why? How about you give me one? That seems as fair as me flinging money out at some other blog for no reason other than it exists too.

I’m not a cheapskate. I actually overtip in most cases. But that’s because someone has provided a service. When someone comes up to me on the street or online and asks me for money for nothing, I feel like saying wait can I have some because my rent just went up. I mean, really. I work all the time, and this crap does make me mad.

If you don’t want to write for free on the internet, don’t! Very simple. Package up your beautiful precious words in a book and offer them for sale instead. Just quit begging for donations. It’s gross. If I have extra money to donate sometime, it’s going to real charities as I mentioned above, not to bloggers.

I know they’ll keep asking. But grrrr I am having a problem staying my usual calm and serene self about it. 😡🔥💥

24 responses to “Money Honey 🍯

  1. I know, this just is crazy. But apparently it’s a done thing. Just ignore these people. I do!

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  2. I’ve seen some of those, too, and I won’t be donating any money to them. Seems kind of tacky to do that. If I happen to actually want to buy something from them, like a book, art, or whatever, that’s completely different. But just because they are there, no way. I’m just here, too, and I need my money for re-newing my WP account this month. haha!

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  3. nice post …..thanks for share

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  4. Some people make a living out of writing. Some people are otherwise unemployed. If you get inspiration, a token of appreciation is not a bad thing. If you really enjoy reading the blogs a few dollars would not hurt to give. Just because you write for free, (yet you have a book for sale), does not mean everyone should write for free. On the other hand, just ignore.

    Why do we feel entitled to free information on the internet? (Askin’ for a friend 😉)

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    • Couple different issues here. I do pay for writing all the time, when it’s in book form. I don’t pay to read blogs, nor do I ask anyone to pay to read mine. I get inspired by prompts, and I also offer prompts to inspire others. If people don’t want to write for free on a blog, they can stop. As far as information, I donate to Wikipedia yearly, which I believe people should do if they use it frequently. I do not pay for news, but I suffer through their ads, so they make money from me in that way.

      I have been ignoring the requests for donations, but I posted my rant to see how others might feel. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  5. Yeah, NO! I already give my younger daughter money for existing, I don’t need to support anyone else. Everybody and their cousin’s grandma has a donation button on their blogs these days. I wish someone would give me money to blog. I might actually post more often.

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  6. I don’t usually have an issue with this, but I have gotten rather annoyed with one blog that repeatedly seeks donations for one thing, then another, then another…

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  7. Someone mentioned donate buttons. That seems an unobtrusive way of letting folks show appreciation for something that helped or inspired them. I remember long ago reading a blog I came across from someone with a mental illness. They wrote a lovely, well-written blog as a way of sharing what their illness was like and to make money because holding down a regular job wasn’t something they could maintain for long periods of time. If the blog is offering something of value, and lets it be known that folks can donate if they want to with said button, I say go for it. But continual flogging of a blog just because they hope to make some easy money? That is annoying.

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  8. I am a bit surprised that you had no interest in the July Monthly Writing Prompt – Espresso cupcakes.

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  9. I’m not in a position to donate money anyway, even if I wanted to, as every penny that comes in is allocated for something. Any surplus goes into the emergency fund which covers unexpected vets bill (poor Maggie has had more than her fair share over the past twelve months), house or car maintenance. We try, putting our loose change in the Salvation Army bucket, donating our surplus good quality stuff to charity shops etc.

    As an aside and as I’ve been having weird WP problems these past few days, are you still doing the TTC?

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    • Right on with the extra change. Not much here lately either. Hugs to Maggie! 💖

      I took a 3TC break for July and will have them back up starting August 1. You can still find my Thursday Inspiration once a week. 🙂


  10. I’m with you 100%. I would love to charge people a dollar for each view of my posts, but then I’d get zero views. Blogging, to me, is a way of expressing yourself and of sharing it with others. It’s not a vocation, a way to make a living, or a charity. I will donate to candidates running for office whose views I support and I will donate to a handful of charities. But to other bloggers? Uh uh!

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  11. I am so glad lots of people feel the way I do.
    Asking for donations, tips or “treat me to a coffee ” does not seem a very nice thing to do.
    Thete are other ways to make money writing such as Fiverr etc.

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