Espresso Cupcakes

Shout-out to Jim, for letting me know about a new (to me) series of prompts from a fun and interesting looking blog. Thanks Jim!

If I have ever tasted an espresso cupcake, it has not been recorded in a blog, at least not one with archives.

Could one of these be espresso?

That second one looks a bit suspicious. But I just don’t know. I think they were bought and nommed up in Berkeley, so they might have been any weird thing.

I would definitely try an espresso cupcake, especially with vanilla buttercream frosting. Mmm! I love coffee flavors. Love coffee ice cream, with hot fudge or chocolate syrup or just plain. I used to pour Baileys over it, but I’ve given up alcohol. God, that was good!

Coffee cake isn’t coffee-flavored though. Isn’t that confusing? You’re just supposed to eat it with coffee (or tea). I used to love Starbucks coffee cake, before they removed half the crumbs to make it “healthier.” Pro tip: it’s still not healthy, but now it’s not yummy either.

Back to cupcakes. Sprinkles has a Cuban Coffee cupcake, available Wednesday and Sunday. That sounds pretty darn close to espresso and I may just have to try it now.

For science! πŸ˜€

18 responses to “Espresso Cupcakes

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  2. What a yummy first post to read this morning.
    I have always loved coffee flavour. When I was little I used to ask for coffee cake and coffee biscuits when given the choice. Like you I was disappointed when they didn’t taste of coffee.

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  3. I have never been to a Sprinkles, do you recommend that I should try it? There is one in Disney Springs which I passed by a few times.

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  4. Espresso cupcakes are my favorite. Nicola’s Donuts used to make cupcakes, too, and had an awesome espresso cupcake. But they stopped making cupcakes. 😦 I haven’t had an espresso or coffee cupcake in years! That 3rd one looks like it has a coffee bean on top. To me they look like raspberry, cookies and cream, espresso, and bubble gum. lol

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  5. Bahaha, for science purposes only, right? πŸ˜‰ I’m might have to try my hand at making an espresso cupcake!! Yum!!

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  6. I am a tea drinker but I loved this whimsical commentary! Lovely job Paula! πŸ˜€ ❀


  7. Aw, I was hoping for a guessing contest! #3, the one next to the blue, would be my espresso guess.

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