Song Lyric Sunday ~ Dog

Jim gives us a zodiac theme this week and I chose dog… “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.” This song was written in 1971 by Roland Kent Lavoie, better known as Lobo, for his album Introducing Lobo.

I remember to this day
The bright red Georgia clay
And how it stuck to the tires
After the summer rain
Will power made that old car go
A woman’s mind told me that so
Oh how I wish
We were back on the road again

Me and you and a dog named boo
Travelin’ and livin’ off the land
Me and you and a dog named boo
How I love being a free man

I can still recall
The wheat fields of St. Paul
And the morning we got caught
Robbing from an old hen
Old McDonald he made us work
But then he paid us for what it was worth
Another tank of gas
And back on the road again

I’ll never forget the day
We motored stately into big L.A.
The lights of the city put settlin’
Down in my brain
Though it’s only been a month or so
That old car’s buggin’ us to go
We’ve gotta get away and get back on
The road again

21 responses to “Song Lyric Sunday ~ Dog

  1. Cool! I had never heard of this one! Great song!

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  2. That song brings back memories of childhood. The childhood wasn’t always great but the music in the background usually was.

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  3. My good friend had a Retriever named Bo that was named after this song. This song always makes me think of him.

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  4. I remember this, I even bought a copy! I remember the words too (and without looking). Good choice Paula.

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  5. I forgot all about that oldie! Thanks for the reminder! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  6. A song from my high school days. I don’t think I appreciated it then…

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  7. Ahhh yes! I love this song. Makes me want to go traveling around. πŸ™‚

    Hope you and your loved ones were not near the earthquakes. !!

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  8. The only Lobo song I like, and the dog is a huge bonus!

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