321 Quote Me ~ Hope

1. The lovely Di tagged me to participate in this challenge today. Thank you! πŸ’–

2. I’m now to post two quotes on the topic of hope…

Okay then! Hope you weren’t expecting any cheery stuff from me. You should know me better than that by now. πŸ”₯

3. I’m supposed to tag three bloggers, but idk who did the hopey quotes yet, so if you haven’t, consider yourself hereby tagged.

16 responses to “321 Quote Me ~ Hope

  1. Awesome quotes paula! Loved them! ❀

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  2. Lol! Aa twist there, but fun!

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  3. Great stuff Paula! Knew you’d come up trumps! Love 2!

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  4. Hope is delayed disappointment.

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  5. outstanding share

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  6. these are the best ones i have read so far, thanks Paula!

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  7. I really like the quote about the ship and the dock. I guess I relate to it.

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  8. Love them both Paula!

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