Keep It Down

Spectators gathered

In the alley.

There seemed to be an

Impromptu play happening

About noise, with a catch–

There were no words.

Mimes conveyed a bitter,

Twisted drama

To an enthralled crowd.

The mimes writhed

And expressed every

Sick, tortured emotion

With their graceful bodies

And supple faces.

Finally, the one killed the other

For gesturing too loudly;

It was not a match

Made in silent heaven.

14 responses to “Keep It Down

  1. This is good. Match made in silent heaven or not!

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  2. About noise but silent–that is a good match.

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  3. Nice! Also: glad you didn’t fall into a chasm or anything yesterday.

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    • Thanks x 2! I felt the first one and Gatsby was concerned. He went to hide in my shoe closet. But last night I was out for a walk in Irvine and didn’t feel anything. A man I passed said hey the cars are shaking, but I just figured he was high.

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  4. Dayum Paula, that was a noisy death! In a very quiet way!

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  5. I just learned that the Pokémon for Europe is a mime-looking thing. Which is funny. Not funny: That all things French are treated as “universal” for all things European. *shrug*

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