A Chewy Post [socs]

Chewbacca is the name of a Star Wars character and that’s pretty much all I know about Star Wars. I saw the first one. That’s it. But once I dreamt or hallucinated that Darth Vader was made of fire. I told people that, and they said I was nuts, and he is not made of fire. Okay. But I really did have a vision of it. There is a black car in my parking lot, a Dodge or something, with the license plate VAAADER, and that’s clever. But driving sucks and I wish I could just take a convenient bus or choo-choo train. So tired of traffic, insurance, the DMV, and parking problems. Blargh. 😜

24 responses to “A Chewy Post [socs]

  1. You’re one of the very few people who haven’t seen the whole set of this saga. It’s quite a cult.

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  2. I’m with you. I saw the first movie and that was it!

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  3. I’ve seen most all of them and the first few were the best. I like Star Trek better. πŸ™‚

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    • I like Star Trek too! Not a fanatic or anything, but I’ve seen all the movies with the original cast from the TV show. I even liked the new one with Chris Pine. He’s a bit yummy πŸ’•

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  4. This is a fun socs post. Chewbacca is a great take on the prompt!

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  5. I saw the first two movies of the Star Wars series, but that was it. I do have a car, but most of the time it sits in the garage. There are six Muni bus lines within four blocks of my house, so I bus as much as possible if my destination is not within walking distance. Besides, taking the bus is a real trip…pun intended.

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  6. Parking is such a hassle.
    I have tried watching the Star Wars movies but they didn’t appeal to me either.

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  7. It’s funny, over here the government wants people to drive less and take public transport which is all well and good but they keep cancelling services due to lack of funds. If that’s not bad enough roads and driver courtesy seems to have disappeared out of the window. If you want quiet time on the roads Paula, you can come over here and wait for anything up to 15 minutes to get out of village T junctions πŸ™‚

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  8. I saw the first movie 11 times before I stopped counting. The first three were totally voluntary. That was back when I would see a movie I loved 3 times while it was in the movie theaters. I didn’t see many movies 3 times. Then I saw it again as in-house/on-ferry entertainment, on TV, that sort of thing. I’ve seen the 3 original movies over again sometime this decade. Have not seen a single one of the other movies. Harrison Ford is way sexier as Indiana Jones and Star Trek, not Star Wars.
    PS: Re cars and driving, you’d love Europe. So much public transportation!

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