Fourplay [socs]

Four used to be my lucky 🍀 number when I was married because I had a husband and two daughters, which made a symmetrical family of four. But then I got divorced and naturally changed my lucky number to three, since we were now three amazing chicks 🐤🐤🐤 on our own and doing fine.

Before long however the girls found great guys to marry and now they have their own families. I can’t really say we’re a trio of chiclets these days, even if in my mind I think of us that way. It’s no longer a reality.

I do have my little soul-kitty Gatsby and we are a duo, can’t separate us, no sirree, so maybe my lucky number is two. Could very well be so. I’m always grateful for his warm comforting furry presence even if it comes with sharp claws and teeth cuz the best things in life do have a slight edge to them.

Don’t you agree? 🐱

11 responses to “Fourplay [socs]

  1. 2 sounds purrrr-fect 🙂

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  2. A purfect pair!

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  3. The good stuff always has a sharp edge. ❤

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  4. Absolutely, bend your luck and stay lucky.

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  5. I think deep down you’ll always be a trio of chiclets. 🙂

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