The Right Door [flash 217]

It was supposed to be my vacation. A long overdue break from demands, deadlines, and stress. But I couldn’t relax. During the mornings, I sat on the sand, watching the waves, my stomach a knot of anxiety. In the afternoons, I wandered through the quaint shops, where tourists tried to scramble over each other for bargains, but I walked away, uninterested. Why couldn’t I enjoy myself?

And at night came the dreams, each one more disturbing than the last. The dark corridor, the semi-open doors with a faint glow of light emanating from inside. But I couldn’t see what was happening. A vague sickly sweet odor. Fabric rustling. Moans… of pleasure or pain? I could not tell. I knew I had to choose a room, and once I made my choice, all others would disappear. But each night I awoke drenched in fear just as I stepped over the threshold of the one I’d chosen.

Except this night, the last one of my stay. I walked resolutely down the shadowed hall, the decaying fragrance stronger than ever. I heard fabric tearing, as if someone were ripping a bedsheet with their bare hands. And then in the deepest, most recessed alcove I found the right door. All my worry melted away as I glided into the light.


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20 responses to “The Right Door [flash 217]

  1. A wide range of emotions in this one.

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  2. A very vivid, nicely told tale, Paula.

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  3. This is really, really well written Paula! I was hooked as if I was watching a movie! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  4. A evocative story .

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  5. Synchronicity: I am planning a vacation trip which is triggering my anxiety (never used to) so I am constantly reminding myself that I’m actually doing OK. Once I’ve left home with my suitcase, I know I’ll be fine. I’d like to find the right door before that. (WIP, that.) 😊

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  7. Excellent atmosphere.. x.

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  8. Beautiful πŸ’œ

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