Jungle [flash 99]

She painted her house all the joy she’d been denied. Fresh dripping sugar mango walls. Bright glittering turquoise waves across the floor. The ceiling turned into pink puffs of cotton candy for she’d never been to a fair. Why shouldn’t her bed be covered in soft flowers? Tulips were her favorite, purple velvety tulips. There needed to be green! The bathroom was green, like a jungle, twisting vines and lush leaves everywhere.

“Wonderful, Jillian!” the Director exclaimed. “It’s time to put our paints away now and have dinner. Tomorrow we can paint again.”

But Jillian was finished with painting.


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction

10 responses to “Jungle [flash 99]

  1. Very yellow wall paper-y! I like it!

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  2. So vibrantly written, I loved this!

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  3. “Dripping sugar mango walls”… amazing! Love it!

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  4. The last one made me think you were channeling walking down the hallway of my mother’s decaying house.

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  5. Dreaming with paints for a more joyful life. I hope she gets to experience it! Great use of sensual colors.

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