In Other Words, annoyed…

After parking in my assigned space for six years, I came home last Friday to find it occupied by a strange white Subaru.

I was extremely annoyed, enraged actually, and had nowhere else to park in this overcrowded vehicular zoo.

All weekend I fussed and stressed, took photos, and carried on to friends and fam, like you do.

Monday I confirmed with management that the space is mine mine mine and Subaru can go find a spot in Timbuktu.

Last night he was back, but in a guest spot… I wonder if he will try to take mine once again, do you?


Prompt from Patricia

23 responses to “In Other Words, annoyed…

  1. Had that issue here with the handicapped spot.

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  2. Well, let it not be said that there’s any hoodwinking of you eh?

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  3. If he does, I’d key his car.

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  4. It is very annoying!

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  5. If it happens again… (Because this has happened to me before) break out a lipstick and write “Find Another Spot” – Do you have any idea how long it takes to remove lipstick from a windshield? LOL!

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  6. If he does it will be at his own risk!

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  7. Where I live there is one parking spot per apartment. Some folks have a problem with this. Sure it would be nice if our parking area was big enough for everyone to park near the building but then they would complain about the monthly fees going up due to increased taxes and maintenance. Can’t make everyone happy. Thanks for linking.

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