Three Things Challenge: PL124

Welcome to the Three Things Challenge. Every day at 10PM (PST) I will post three seemingly unconnected things that will, hopefully, ignite your muse. You don’t have to use all three things if you don’t want to. There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything. Simply read the prompt, see where your muse takes you, and bring us along for the ride. Use 3TC as a tag if you’d like and link back to this prompt, or post your link in the comments below so others can find you.

Happy Writing! 😀

Today’s prompt: canoe, sherbet, monitor

15 responses to “Three Things Challenge: PL124

  1. Will be most interesting Paula!

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  3. You made me monitor for a canoe
    Filled with orange sherbet,
    I would have chosen lime for you,
    But you didn’t deserve it! 🙂

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  6. I was feeling a little light headed that morning. A calmness had settled over me as I paddled the canoe out to the middle of the lake, you draped over the front, all bundled up with weights. I had nothing to apologize for. I had the P.I. monitor you for good reason. Once I knew you were going to expose my embezzlement, adding the cyanide to your orange sherbet seemed quite reasonable. Returning to the dock was noticeably less strenuous. I could tell it was going to be a good day.

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  7. It’s best not to eat sherbet when monitoring the shore from a canoe!

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