Migraine Awareness Month

It’s past the midpoint of June, so I thought I’d mention migraines again. I’m aware of them every month, but it’s nice they get a special one.

Image is from Migraine.com.

I’m one of the “lucky” sufferers, in that I can generally get almost full relief from the standard migraine Rx medication. But the unfortunate part is that I get so many migraines even with twice a day meds as a prophylactic. I also get regular tension and sinus headaches too, plus have chronic tinnitus. It’s a wonder I can ever write a word, but you do get used to things.

I admit it gets me down at times. I’d like to accomplish so much more. I’d like to not feel tired and blah from medication. I wish I could have more energy for writing and playing and exercising and living. But I simply do not. Sometimes just making it through another day at the office is a minor miracle. And we’re not even talking about backaches here, only head pain!

Migraine is a disability. Not that “normal” headaches can’t be horrible and crushing. I know they can. I had a persistent sinus infection in 2005 with the most horrible accompanying headache and face pain I could barely stand it. But when I finally got the correct antibiotic ~ poof! ~ all gone. But the migraines do not disappear; I only get temporary relief between attacks. But thank science/research/doctors for that relief!

Speaking of doctors, for a long time I didn’t have the proper treatment for migraines, but in the last 20 years I’ve lucked out and found good doctors here in Orange County. In particular, two doctors have given me excellent care and they are primary care physicians not specialists.

Sunglasses are a huge part of my life, unlike so many other things that I’ve had to give up. Bright sunlight is a trigger for me as well as flashing lights, persistent noise, alcohol, smoke, perfume/cologne, harsh odors, etc. Sometimes stress/anxiety will start one, but not always.

I try to keep in mind that others may be also suffering from hidden disabilities when they are slow or make mistakes. It’s doubly difficult because not only am I a naturally impatient person, but often when I’m not feeling well I just want to get home where I can suffer alone. Anything that slows me down enrages me. But anyone else might be in that same boat… not to mention the fact that I too can be spacey and prone to (more) errors when in pain and on meds. Which is… most of the time, lol.

I also try not to get angry when people try to do their “smile and be grateful” thing. Be grateful for chronic pain? Yeah okay. I’m grateful it’s not worse. But that’s bad too, since I’m comparing myself with others and my gratitude is at their expense. I’m terribly sad about all the people who have worse migraines. But maybe that’s how the S&BG types cope with their issues, so okay.

Now, I realize this post is going to generate comments asking me if I’ve tried wacky migraine remedies. Always happens. I try to preempt this by stating I am under good standard medical care and am not a fan of anything off the path. But people will do their thing. πŸ™„

Okay then. Migraines suck. Bottom line.

42 responses to “Migraine Awareness Month

  1. I’ve always gotten migraines/headaches in general, ever since my late teens , right out of high school. Thanks for the post.~

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  2. An excellent post!

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  3. My future was so bright that I had to wear shades.

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  4. Thanks for the PSA! I know very little about migraines.

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  5. My sis-in-law suffers from migraine and I know how terrible it can be.

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  6. I had no idea that many people suffered from migraines. I used to get squiggly lines in front of my eyes under the fluorescent lights at work, which I learned can be a precursor to a migraine. I’ve gotten them before but not often. I can’t imagine suffering with them regularly and just getting used to them. Paula {{{{HUGS}}}}

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  7. I sympathise Paula. I was a sufferer for years, most brought on by stress and tension. I took beta blockers and they helped, but sometimes I had no choice but to go to bed in a dark room with a cold compress on my forehead. By some fluke I discovered oranges were a trigger, so avoid them and anything containing orange juice.
    Touch wood, I haven’t had a migraine attack since I ‘retired’ in 2007, though I have had a couple of nasty headaches.

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    • Interesting. I’ve read that OJ can trigger them. I don’t care too much for citrus juice/fruits as I find them harsh on my stomach. I did a post about migraine and orange way back when. Glad yours have subsided.


      • It was a pure fluke as I was reading about it in the doctors surgery waiting for my appointment to discuss…………. migraine!
        Thanks. Sometimes I literally didn’t know where to put myself, or my head.

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  8. Migraines suck. Glad you have good working care!!

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  9. Thanks for sharing this Paula! My heart goes out to you. This is the first time I’ve heard of migraines being inherited. I can suffer from them because I had a concussion as a teenager. I used to need meds and go through what you do until a lifestyle change and now it’s manageable without meds. Much love and compassion to you! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  10. Let me join those people who express their sympathy. Chronic anything is bad and even the slightest discomfort can be maddening when it won’t go away. When I do get the occasional headache, I am totally dysfunctional. I wanted to comment about your remark re non-standard remedies. As a Type 2 diabetic, I hear ya. I’m sick to death of people telling me that some ridiculous dosage of cinnamon is better, somehow, than two small pills that work just fine, or, just don’t eat carbohydrates, which is just like saying to the allergy sufferer, just quit breathing, or that someone has a cousin whose doctor actually declared him cured (CU-UUUURRRREEDDD!!!!!!1) after he just lost some weight, dammitt, and started eating right.
    Anyway, keep on keepin’ on.

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  11. Even though I have suffered from headaches since the age of ten I didn’t know there was a migraine awareness month and a purple ribbon for it.
    Thanks for the info.

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  12. Just reading that gave me a headache. No pun intended. I had no idea you suffered from migraines. πŸ™πŸ˜•

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  13. I get headaches often, but migraines rarely. What I do get fairly often β€” maybe one time a week β€” are visual auras that one doc told me was like a pre-migraine or a β€œpainless migraine.” The good news is that taking two Advil and shutting my eyes for about 20 minutes does the trick.

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  14. people never see the every day effects .the pain .i get very bad migraines
    nausea THE Vomiting ,have a lot health issues ..me. ibs. people are very
    Snotty Nosed with there views/judgements .i take part in a lot lot research
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  15. What a terrifially informative post Paula, l never knew that it had its own dedicated month. My mother used to suffer terribly with them, and my ex mother-in-law, they used to cripplethem almost literally.

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  16. I used to have horrible migraines in my 20s and 30s. I am extremely grateful they seem to have gone away. I have fibromyalgia now, but it’s a different kind of pain. I am so sorry you have those horrible, shooting lightning from your eye, crippling headaches. I’m glad to hear that your docs are giving you good treatment. I was taking Midrin which only worked if you caught it at the very first sign. By the time the squiggles started it was too late.
    Thanks for spreading the word! People don’t realize that true migraines are completely debilitating.

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