Happy Father’s Day! ❤️

Support(ive) is the best way to describe my relationship with my dad, before he faded from dementia. He was an encouraging, upbeat guy, with a salesman’s type of personality. He’d get angry, but it was gone in a flash, and he generally stayed within the range of mellow to happy. Though he had definite opinions about politics (card-carrying liberal from NYC), among other things, he’d bounce back after a discussion or debate, no hard feelings.

Daddy wasn’t a griller or a BBQ dude or any sort of handyman guy. Mom actually did all that stuff (RIP). Dad believed in going out to dinner. Mostly though he just read books and of course his beloved NYT. That’s what he’d be doing today, if he were still around and able. I’d likely bake some fudgy-wudgy brownies for him. Those were his favorite.

He was always up for a conversation with me. Always supportive of my endeavors. Always encouraging of my dreams and goals, though he would express his ideas if he thought I might be making a mistake. He was a good father and I was lucky to have him.

Dad and me, at his 80th birthday, 2010 (RIP).

33 responses to “Happy Father’s Day! ❤️

  1. Sweet tribute to your Dad

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  2. That’s such a nice photo!

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  3. A lovely, nostalgic post. You love for him shines through.

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  4. love of the father…

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  5. Nice pic. I used to play cribbage a lot with my Dad, and argue a lot with my FIL. I should point out he’d always goad me into one as he loved the sparring conversation! I miss them both.

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  6. I suspect you dad would’ve liked this post very much. Nicely said.

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  7. Glad you had a good connection with your dad, Paula. What a nice photo of you two together.

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  8. Great tribute.

    You’re so pretty.

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  10. Such a wonderful tribute, Paula.

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  11. Lovely memories. Your relationship with him so similar to mine with my dad who also loved books.

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  12. Great picture of you and your dad.
    I have a feeling that he is responsible for your love of writing.

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  13. One of the best FD tributes on the internet! Thanks for letting me see a tiny picture of fathering done right.

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  14. Great picture! The pain never really goes away, but it changes.

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