So Shall Me Me Me [SOCS]

Social is not an adjective people would apply to me. Then again, I’m not exactly antisocial either. I go to game nights and other peopley events nearly every week. I’m not a shy soul ~ I’ve done stand-up comedy. But I can’t bear huge, squashy crowds, like malls at holidays or giant indoor concerts. I hate feeling trapped up next to people… but I’m not claustrophobic because I don’t mind being in small spaces if I’m alone. In fact, I much prefer a tiny cozy room to the scary emptiness of a vast open field. And I do need a significant amount of alone/quiet time simply to “recharge” my emotional batteries. I can’t be around other people jibber jabbering night after night!

Speaking of people, I’ve believed for some time that social media has made us less social. I know that sounds contradictory, but hear me out. First, we’re buried in our phones 24/7. You hardly see anyone’s face when you’re in public. Gone are the days when you made idle conversation with someone waiting at the store or DMV or doctor’s office, etc. Why would you talk to them and interrupt whatever they’re doing on their phone?

Second, supposedly we’re all connected to so many more people now than ever before due to technology, but how many of these friends inside your phone would actually, physically help you in an emergency? Who, exactly, would you call? Yeah. I know. Me too. It’s basically down to a daughter who lives 40 miles away and another friend I had before social media and possibly a few others. But none of my twitter/blog peeps, even though we “interact” daily, would be on that list. Used to be, I made more of an effort to say hello and chat with neighbors, but why bother now? I have bloggy and twitter friends! 😂

Third, in the olden days, what did you do when you felt alone with your odd ideas or interests? Maybe you found a kindred spirit, if you were lucky enough and looked hard enough, and then you could happily share your weirdness. Or you decided to try to acclimate to a more mainstream hobby in order to have friends. Is that so bad? Instead of finding another freak to assist you in pulling off butterfly wings, you joined a bowling league. But now in the age of social media, you don’t have to compromise and go bowling to have friends. You can stay home and hang out with a few dozen wackos in a chat group from other parts of the world who also enjoy torturing butterflies.

I don’t think that’s better! Some interests should be suppressed. Some people shouldn’t be able to find each other. God only knows what horrible things people are discussing right at this moment… whatever you may imagine, I guarantee that it’s worse.

This will be yet another one of Paula’s Unpopular Opinions. 😜

15 responses to “So Shall Me Me Me [SOCS]

  1. You are right on so many levels. However, I really relishing being about to interact with people all over the world, although obviously you’d not be able to pop round and feed the cat while I was away!

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    • Oh me too! I love social media. I much prefer blogging to talking to neighbors. In fact, some ASSHAT neighbor parked in my spot last night and I had to park on the street. So mad. No blogger does that! Love you guys! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. I still start up idle conversations with complete strangers everywhere I go but that could be because I am of another generation. Wonder if that sort of socializing like that will stop completely as time rolls on.

    I am glad you gave us your unpopular opinion. Really made me stop and think.

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  3. It is an interesting reflection on society now that one so often ‘makes the effort’ to get out and about.

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  4. I am right there with you. But while some may think it’s a bad thing to be less social with physical beings and more social with cyber beings, I am fine with it. People are the worst kind of people.

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  5. We lived in our new house a full three months before meeting the lady who lives across the street (and that was only because we were ALL in the front yard weeding so she figured it was a good time to stop her car and say hi). Can’t say I mind, though. It stresses me out when people knock on my door.

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  6. I think there are many people occupying social media these days who, if not for Facebook and Twitter, would be sitting at the back of buses muttering to themselves.

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  7. So well written Paula! ❤

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