Since the beginning

Of this tangled electric madness,

This social soupy media mess,

I’ve been in a quandary

Over how much of me

To reveal to the galaxy

Of virtual strangers.

When alone at the keyboard,

It feels foolish to be phony,

As if I’m so important

That anyone will care

What I dare to share.

Why wear a mask

And maintain a facade,

When one slip of the tongue

Will give me away?

I learned a good lesson

From fibbers and fakers

That truth is a bargain

Against the time it will take

To keep frosting together

All the discordant pieces

Of a big liar cake.

But even so,

I find it hard to relate–

People don’t know me,

Though they’re not to blame:

On the remotest shelf,

I have masks that I wear

When I talk to myself.

16 responses to “Masks

  1. We all have masks we wear at times, I think! Just be you and you do that well Paula! 🙂

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  2. So many complications in the way you openly share your life. And though you may think of me as a virtual stranger, I am really just strange. Wait… That doesn’t sound right. Strangest? Somehow that doesn’t work either.

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  3. It is not very wise to be too open on the public forums. It has consequences sometimes.

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  4. I actually share a lot about myself on my blog, but because I blog anonymously, I wrap myself up in flash fiction and change the names and the circumstance to, um, protect the innocent.

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  5. Nice… and FYI, I’ll be posting your interview on Tuesday!

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