We Don’t Want Him

Nicholas Sparks is trending because he refused to accept an LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 club in the Christian school he founded and there’s some ongoing litigation yada. Apparently part of the case has been settled, and he has the legal right to be intolerant, so that’s cool. I more or less support keeping it legal for private clubs to arbitrarily let in and keep out whom they please, as opposed to landlords, employers, public schools, etc. (Whether they should get tax breaks is a different issue.)

Just because something is legal however doesn’t make it good or right. It’s also legal to cheat on your wife. But that’s not what I came here to discuss today. If you don’t already know, Nicholas Sparks is a writer, a hugely bestselling writer. His books have been made into movies. You’ve surely heard of The Notebook? Well, there you go.

In the frenzy to bash Sparks, people have been conflating his books with romance novels and dumping on the whole genre. Now, I don’t mind bashing Sparks ~ I made a yucky 🤮 face on Twitter myself. I can’t stand his sterile prose ~ and that was before I knew he was super religious. Now my review of Safe Haven from 2013 makes a lot more sense.

But let’s be clear: Nicholas Sparks is not a romance novelist. He says himself he isn’t one, and he is correct. He writes general fiction (“love stories”) with romantic elements. It’s an important distinction, peeps! To be a romance novel, a story must have a Happily Ever After ending. If you want to bash the genre, go ahead. If you want to rag on Sparks, for his politics or his writing or both, have at it.

But please don’t lump Nicholas Sparks in with romance novelists. Cuz that just pisses me right off. 😡💥🔥 He’s not welcome in our club. On the whole, you will find the protags in romance novels to be a tolerant lot, or they become tolerant as the story progresses.

I note that in The Daily Beast article I linked in my first sentence, Sparks bags on the whole romance novel genre because he’s a stupid ass who has read none of the books he’s criticizing. Romance novels are not about “the taming of a man” ~ if anything, they err on the side of misogyny, even though they are written largely by women and mostly from the POVs of the female protagonists. What they are, are fantasies of what it would be like if an alpha hero fell in love with you and wanted you more than anything on this earth, and indeed would do anything on this earth to make you his own. And he succeeds. That is what romance novels are and why those of us who love them, love them. ❤️❤️❤️

Sparks can stick with his yawningly vanilla pudding Ken-doll heroes because there is obviously a market for bland safe smooth love too.

^^^ The sexual excitement level in a Sparks’ novel goes from zero to pudding.

24 responses to “We Don’t Want Him

  1. fantastic post

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  2. I dont think everything should be ok or right In every situation. Is it right to force a lifestyle onto an institution that clearly feels it contrary to their beliefs? Why would you want to other than to cause discord? I am a Christian, I also have gay and lesbian friends who I love dearly. A Christian institution wouldn’t be hip on a swingers club either and I would not be disrespectful of a muslims belief by trying to force a BBQ pork day at their institutions. I think respect for one another goes in both directions.

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    • Yah. That’s why I’m cool with keeping it as is. I have religious people in my family and respect that not everything is welcome everywhere. But people have the right to criticize this too, if they want. My huge annoyance is over people calling Sparks a romance novelist! 🙂

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      • To be honest….I get he writes elements of the romantic but I can’t say he fits into the mainstream genre of romance novelist at all. But, I think the post definitely raised that question for many who haven’t even considered it before, like myself.

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  3. Petty nit: Adultery is illegal in about 20 states. California isn’t one of them. In NY, it’s a class B misdemeanor.

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  4. I don’t know about the post above but last line is hillarious 😆

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  5. Never heard of him. Never heard of the The Notebook either, so there I go.

    I totally agree exclusion should remain legal so long as it doesn’t violate the 14th Amdmt. If a pastor doesn’t want to minister to the gay and questioning youth who need him the most, that’s his choice.

    Anyway, I just read an article claiming that the renunciation of homosexuality has nothing to do with Christ’s teaching. It stems from latter-day translations. So burn on Christians who justify their fear of alternatives on Scripture. It ain’t there.


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    • Hah!

      Well, I have no doggie in the Christian fight against gays.

      Hard to believe you haven’t heard of The Notebook tho. Then again, I freaked out my friends the other week by confessing I’ve never seen any of the Men in Black movies.


  6. Please note that I resisted the temptation to rag on the romance genre, with the exception of this passive aggressive comment.

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  7. I’ve never understood Sparks popularity, he is boring and predictable.  His lover’s probably like the Hallmark movies too.  JS….

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  9. Couldn’t agree more.

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  10. Thanks! That was a nice summary of what the broohaha is about.

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  11. Well said. And boo on Sparks. We’re having some similar issues here in UK in schools.

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