Neoma 2.0 [flash 160]

Neoma waited for further instructions. She gazed out at the harbor as dawn turned the dark sea to turquoise and illuminated the commercial boats, few now, more later. The man she’d been assigned to seduce was showering in the bathroom. Now she registered that he’d turned the water off. Soon he would emerge and likely inquire if she desired breakfast. It was possible she would be told to kill him.

The moon tattoo on her wrist emitted a slight vibration. Neoma glanced at it, interpreting the numerical code. She was to leave here immediately and locate a new target, abandoning this one.

“Where are you going?” the man said as Neoma put on her shoes. “Don’t you want coffee?”

He grabbed her arm as she reached for the door handle and she shoved him away, just hard enough that he was only airborne for a moment before landing on the floor.

She turned and left, heading for the yacht club.


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 17

17 responses to “Neoma 2.0 [flash 160]

  1. Girl assassins… Love it!

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  2. Love it Paula 😆 Great story 🌻

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  3. The thrill of the kill, great story Paula.

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  4. Interesting story line!

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  5. A femme fatale! Good tale.

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  6. Love it – bad ass killer. Well done…

    My short & sweet take on this photo prompt.

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  7. There’s a movie in this, UV…

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