A Kitty Tail [300 words]

Once upon a time there was a silly divorcée.

She was in love with a selfish man who failed to return her affections.

People told her the BMW/porcupine joke, but she didn’t listen until it was too late.

She was sad.

But she decided she’d venture into the land of dating sites and find someone new.

She tried various sites and profiles, as you do…

But things just went from bad to worse. Liars and con artists and creeps, oh my.

Finally, the silly divorcée’s daughters decided to get involved.

They decided that their mom needed a kitty to absorb her time and attention. Older sister sent younger sister to help Mom pick a kitty so Mom wouldn’t get confused.

The silly divorcée wanted all the kitties! Each kitty was so adorable she couldn’t decide which one to choose.

But younger sister, being perceptive (just like her older sister), figured out which adorable kitty was the perfect match for her silly mommy. She urged her mom to adopt a sweet grey and white 6-month old little baby boy kitty.

And Silly Mommy did!

That was 7.5 years ago today! And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m the silly mom in the story, and Gatsby is the kitty! While the tale/tail is somewhat fictionalized, some things are true, such as the BMW and the fact that my daughter and I adopted Gatsby from the Orange County Animal Shelter on December 8, 2011. Partly it was to make me feel better after losing my beloved Cocoa earlier that year and also I had just broken up with BMW guy.

Since we don’t know G’s exact birthday, we decided to celebrate it on June 8! Today he is 8 years old! ❤️🎉🐱

He’s absolutely thrilled, as anyone can see.

45 responses to “A Kitty Tail [300 words]

  1. I know the BMW-porcupine joke… 🤣

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  2. Happy birthday Gatsby. You’re better than any BMW puss.
    I have a story about a BMW……………………….

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  3. Aw, lovely fairy tale and with the best happy ending! Happy birthday to Gatsby! 🐈😻<3

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  4. A story with a happy ending. HB to Gatsby.

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  5. good one…..paula

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  6. Love the epic tale of Paula and Gatsby!

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  7. Happy Birthday to Gorgeous Gatsby!!! Great story Paula! 😀 ❤

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  8. I love your cartoon pictures, and Yay for the happy ending!
    Happy Birthday to Gatsby! He’s a sweetie!
    Cricket says meow and happy birthday, too! =^..^=

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  9. Many happy returns Gatsby.
    Look after your mom.

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  10. This was such a lovely post Paula and you are lucky to have such wonderful daughters.

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  11. Aaaww, Happy birthday, Gatsby!

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  12. I had to google the BMW/porcupine joke. 😱

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  13. By coincidence, Gatsby has the precise same facial markings as my favorite cat of all time, Chubby.

    Chubby belonged to my second wife. He showed up on her doorstep as a kitten one year, meowing in the night. She took him to the vet. The vet said, “He’s the runt of the litter and will never amount to much”.

    My ex took that as a challenge. She tended to him without pause until he was full grown. One of the largest cats I’ve ever known. And quite personable. Unfortunately, when I was forced to leave my ex, I was forced to leave Chubby too. Cat larceny is not one of my skills. Regrettable, that.

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  14. I forgot to add, your post had me laughing out loud — for real! Your wit is quite refreshing.

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  15. Happy birthday Gatsby!

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  16. One thing’s for sure, one thing’s constant in this crazy world: cats love wearing hats.

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  17. Happy Birthday Gatsby!!

    Have a puuuurrfect day 😁!!



  18. Great post and sending belated purrs and hugs to Gatsby!

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  19. SovernessOverSeas

    I love this!

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  20. So heartwarming is your story, Paula. Cheers!

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