Surprised by Stats

As I’ve said, I don’t obsess over stats, here or on Twitter. If I did, I’d drive myself (more) bonkers. But I do find certain things peculiar.

Forex, I’ve been steadily and slowly gaining blog followers, which is nice (waves to new peeps, who probably aren’t reading), but yet my views have decreased. Is that not odd? I find that odd. More followers should mean more views, one would think. Luckily, I do not monetize my blog, so I won’t be losing any advertising pennies over this. Hurrah!

I never go granular and try to figure out when the best time is to post to get the most views because… I simply can’t be bothered. I try to remember to spread out my posts a little, except when I forget and just hit publish instead of schedule for later. Oopsy.

Some posts get 20 likes and others get 50. Why? Who knows! Is it because a post is especially “good” that it gets more likes, or has a more eye-catching photo attached? Idk. I’m as surprised as what people like and don’t like here in Blogville as I was back in the murky, scaryland of dating sites.

But, as has been noted many times by me and others, liking often has little to do with the content of a post, amirite? Bloggers power through their feeds when the mood strikes, mass-liking stuff without reading any of it. We can tell, can’t we? It’s only a group of us who regularly read each other’s work, plus some occasional drop-ins.

Monday I wrote a poem on Twitter that now has 42 likes, which is nothing for that place, but a lot for me. Usually my poems there are lucky to get 4-5 likes. Why did that one get 10x more? Who knows?!

32 responses to “Surprised by Stats

  1. I don’t think these things are meant to be understood!

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  2. I find that the odd thing of mine of mine on Twitter or Pinterest will do well because someone with more followers happens to like it and then it shows up to the people that follow them.

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  3. Nobody can figure out how this works. But glad that you got so many likes. It’s a good poem.


  4. Love the poem. I dont fret over such things either. Truth, I too lazy to try to figure out what to do with that info anyway and just enough of a turd to be like ” I do what I want!”. Lol

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  5. good one

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  6. My stats are all over the place again, and I notice on some days I have only a fraction of views from the US compared to ‘normal’. I’m not worried though as I’m getting regular comments and feedback which pleases me more.
    My followers are also up and down and one follower has refollowed me twice in as many days. I also KNOW I’ve clicked follow on one site at least four times, but their posts never appear in my reader on their own so I look for them. Ho hum. Happy blogging all. πŸ™‚

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  7. Well how do we NOT know that WP who are affecting every other thing in the bloggersphere at present are not also affecting our stats? I have seen recently this week, 9 people follow me again, who probably didn’t unfollow me to begin with but WP did that for them, because l never unfollow people anyway. That is going to affect stats. I agree with Cage, l think this is probably the 8th wonder of the known world 0r more simply addressed No Flucking idea πŸ™‚

    However and meanwhile Doodlepip and l have gifted you and master Gatsby a Mystery Blogger Award πŸ™‚

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  8. Same exact issue. My stats look like a heart monitor. It’s frustrating.

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  9. I wonder how many people search by tag? I usually don’t but I did go and find blogs that did reviews on Escape at Dannemora as it was so good I wanted to talk about the show with someone. Who knows why the Ghost in the Shell does what it does. I’m happy people read my posts and make comments, and much beyond that I don’t have a clue.

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  10. I usually share posts to Facebook. If it is a post about a famous rider or clinic with a famous rider or even a well known rider then it will be shared up to 50 times and that will bring a lot of views on WordPress. But I find the WordPress readers are the most consistent and are the ones who leave comments.

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  11. I did read this before hitting Like.
    You are so right about stats: I have a lot more followers than I used to but the viws and likes are more or less the same.
    I still don’t know how the syatem works.
    I just enjoy posting.

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  12. I deliberately hop over to your blog proper instead of reading it within WordPress exactly to make sure you get the hit stat.

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  13. I am not sure how reliable the WordPress stats are and I am approaching 1,500 posts soon. I usually get a minimum of 75 views per day, but I never get many LIKES. That seems odd that people will look at what I write, but they don’t like it. It makes me feel like the Howard Stern of blogging. A month ago I went just over 250 views for a single day and for this year I have been averaging well over 3,00 views per month. On May 19th, I got 81 LIKES, but I usually only get about 20 LIKES per day. In my first month of blogging I only had 13 views, but now I am averaging 129 views a day. My two most viewed posts are, Sloopy Hang On which received 5,663 views and Colder Than a Well Digger’s Ass which got 4,741 views.

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  14. Smart to not be obsessed with the stats. Don’t think they mean much in the big picture. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  15. Mine are very strange, too. Some days the views are over 200 and then the next it’s below100. Who knows. It’s fun to see the big numbers, even though I never believe it. haha! πŸ™‚

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