FPQ26: “I’m not saying it was aliens…”

Fandango provocatively asks…

“Do you believe that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for these sightings, like unannounced or unauthorized drone flights or space junk falling back into the atmosphere, or do you think that the objects these pilots saw were actual UFOs?”

I think both explanations are perfectly reasonable, but I think it’s more likely that any “weird thing” in the sky is either some sort of light reflecting off space junk or a military maneuver by us or someone else. I doubt we, ordinary citizens, will ever get the truth out of our government on this or pretty much any other thing. (Not talking only about the current horrible admin.)

Why can’t we know? Who knows. Maybe they think we’d all panic, like in some B-movie, and run screaming into the streets, if they said there were real UFOs out there. Maybe if they admitted some other country has superior military tech, that would make people less likely to vote for X party. Or if it’s us with the tech, obviously we want to keep it secret in case we want to use it in a war. Need to tell our own peeps not to jabber about it then, eh?

Whatever. There’s so much we don’t know, and aren’t going to know. Me, I’m running out of time. I’m not even going to get to all the books piling up on my Kindle, probably. Twenty, thirty more years will go by in a flash. Assuming I even have that.

Who knows.

15 responses to “FPQ26: “I’m not saying it was aliens…”

  1. You’re probably right. We’ll never know one way or the other.

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  2. There’s always someone just beyond our understanding out there fucking around. Ten thousand years ago it was wood sprites. One thousand years ago it was angels. Now we have aliens. A millennium hence it will be our 7D consciousness or some goddam thing, who knows.

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  3. The government doesn’t tell us half the shit they are up to supposedly on our behalfs as is. Do we are honestly believe they are going to suddenly go all Mulder like on us and tell us that “The Truth is not just out there but in the skies at night?”

    Oh no, no, no, no, no that’s too much for a tinsy brains to cope with!

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  4. Well l thought l submitted an answer here already – but obviously WP don’t think l am good enough to leave answers anymore with regards alien life ha ha!

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  5. Well that’s typical, one doesn’t show up, and then the second one reveals the first! WP is filled with alien curiosities why worry about governmental ones??

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