Neither here nor there,

She waits

To regenerate,

Like a starfish

Missing a limb,

Only this is her heart.

She stays in the doorway,

A sanctuary,

Between the light too bright

And the darkness

So frightening.

In transition,

Away from the known,

Toward the unknown,

She floats,

Hollow, vague,

With nothing to follow,

Nowhere to go.


The Daily Echo

Thursday Inspiration

24 responses to “Transition

  1. Beautiful and lonely and stark, Paula. Wonderfully done.

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  2. nice share

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  3. A great story, Paula. 🙂

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  4. Really lovely and great use of prompts! ❤

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  5. Beautiful poem. I like things more open ended, so I would skip the heart line, but it is a beautiful poem either way.


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  7. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Lovey poem, beautifully done Paula.

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