Rainy Reflections…

My soul loves the rain:

It seems dreamy and poetic.

Fog rolling in after love departs

Is such a perfect metaphor

To describe a dismal day

And a lonely, broken heart.

But my head dreads the storms,

Which trigger loads of pain–

Not of the romantic variety,

But actual pounding migraines.

Blustery winds stir up debris,

And dust swirls through the air;

I want to celebrate thunder

But feel nothing but despair.

Yet, when pressure subsides,

And the world sparkles clean,

I adore rain once more…

My equilibrium restored.


Reflections Prompt

Thursday Inspiration

14 responses to “Rainy Reflections…

  1. Great use of all those prompts Paula … well done!

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  2. Beautiful poetry, Paula.

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  3. Good use of all the prompts.

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  4. Beautiful! Rain can be such a mix of depressing and cleansing.

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  5. Beautiful!❀️


  6. This is brilliantly written! Beautiful!❀️

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