Prompts Gone Mad!

These are just for today!

My God.

And every one of them is great, of course. I want to do them all. I realize they don’t all have to be done today, but my own “rain” inspirational thingie is already 4 days old and goes well with blustery fog during the fervent breakup over the kitchen remodel, or whatever.

Ack. Wasting time! Off to search my photos for a colorful square circle…

13 responses to “Prompts Gone Mad!

  1. nice share

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  2. haha! I know! And, I have so many drafts started for so many prompts! 🙂

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  3. Yup! There are days like this!🤪

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  4. So true.
    Sometimes the number of prompts one has subscribed to becomes overwhelming.
    You feel like doing each but there is not enough time.

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  5. There are a lot of prompts and one has to be somewhat selective or they will be overwhelmed by prompts. They’ll eat you alive. They’re like zombies!

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