Song Lyric Sunday: Midnight

Bad blogger here! Forgot to schedule my song yesterday and now it’s 2AM Sunday. I’m choosing “Midnight Confessions” by the Grass Roots to go with Jim’s theme. I don’t have Jim’s link, the lyrics, or any info about the song. I’m tired. And it’s raining, so my head feels implodey. But I do have this fun video from Boston Legal to go with the song. Hope you enjoy! G’nite.

Updating with the link to Jim’s SLS post.

17 responses to “Song Lyric Sunday: Midnight

  1. Fab song with a video from my favourite TV show of all time – great choice :O) x

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  2. I love this song and I hope that you got your rest.

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  3. Can’t go wrong with The Grass Roots, or Grassroots if you prefer…

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  4. Thank you for sharing Paula! ❀

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  5. Been a long time since hearing this. Solid Gold.

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  6. Haven’t heard this song in ages! Hilarious and brilliant use of “Boston Legal”, too!

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  7. What a great song!
    We went to see the Grass Roots in concert here many years ago. πŸ™‚

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