One-Line Wednesday

This is one of those dumb sayings we should mock relentlessly. I find worrying to be a very relaxing hobby actually. Allow me to explain.

Most terrible things are shocks. Just like in a movie, they come sailing in out of the blue. You slip and fall in flat shoes while walking to the elevator. A boyfriend breaks up with you because you didn’t bake him some goddamn cookies. An earthquake hits while you’re in the shower. A wacko debt collector pops up to harass you about your ex. A rattlesnake decides to take a nap in your car.

Who can predict these things, amirite? But the stuff you spent hours stressing over didn’t happen, did it? Nope. Tests came back negative. Plane landed smoothly. Boss didn’t freak out about the mistake. Etc.

So, here’s my theory. Bad things enjoy shock value. Deprive them of it! Spend time imagining bad things and pop their balloon of surprise one by one. It’s like a game. You won’t have time to get them all, so try to attack the worst ones first.

And if one happens anyway? Well then, you can just shrug and say you knew it would.

Win win! ๐Ÿ˜€


One-Liner Wednesday

9 responses to “One-Line Wednesday

  1. That actually made sense….

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  2. Hey that’s such a capital idea. Considering that I tend to worry so anyway, I can beat it at its own game

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  3. I like your way of thinking ๐Ÿ˜‚

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