The Most Important Lesson from GOT


It’s sport for GOT fans to mercilessly drag every episode of this last season, in gory detail, and I agree with the main criticism ~ the ending is rushed. The show runners spent 7 long seasons setting up an intricate story, and now they’re zooming to finish, stuffing two wars into three episodes out of six, and leaving lots of loose ends.

Meanwhile, I’m basically enjoying the eps, besides wishing there would have been more of them. I don’t share the common criticism that the plot twists and character arcs are “unearned.” The first seasons generally followed the books, so if you’d read them, you weren’t shocked by twists. Ned’s beheading was accepted because those of us who read the books knew it was coming, but normally the sudden death of a beloved character early on would have generated criticism from fans.

So, when I read today that people are upset about Varys’ death, I roll my eyes. The dude was a great character, but he was always plotting and scheming against rulers, and it was inevitable one would discover it and kill him. You have to wonder why it took so long really, except for the fact that he was smarter than all of them. Littlefinger was also, but Varys was not evil and selfish, so he caught more breaks. Both men were lucky they lasted as long as they did.

People who are carrying on today about Daenerys going “mad” haven’t been paying attention. She has stated all along that she was going to take what was hers “with fire and with blood.” She has torched people throughout the show, but that was okay with us because we didn’t like them. Her character has been stable, her mission unchanged, and her vision focused on one goal.

If you want to pick apart the military strategy of Euron and his crew, I get that. One day he takes out a dragon with his first shot and sinks the entire opposing navy; in the next encounter, he’s totally inept. What the hell happened there? Gotta say though I enjoyed his rambunctious battle to the death with Jaime. Good stuff, though I did think Euron would have mentioned the baby he thinks is his. Might have thrown Jaime off-balance.

Okay, so Jaime fooking Lannister, amirite? People are yelling about his character arc. Pffft, I say. You know what? It’s perfect. The more I think about it, the more perfect it is. Here we have a handsome, spoiled, rich jerk who is in love with his sister and does horrible things for a long time. Some of these things he does for her and some he does just because he’s an arrogant ass.

Then, Jaime gets captured, tortured, and has his comeuppance and epiphany. He begins to be a slightly better person. He sees that he could maybe love a woman who isn’t a monster and be loved in return. He could fight for the people instead of his shitty family name. Some of his interior ugliness is replaced with goodness.

But then… then… bratty, snotty Sansa (more about her in a sec), says nyah we’ve taken King’s Landing and your sis is gonna die! Jaime immediately reverts to form, dumps his new sweet love and breaks her heart, and gallops back to his wicked twin. Why?

Because people don’t change!

That’s the lesson here, folks. And it’s a good and important one. Dany never changed, not one iota. Jaime appeared to change, but he didn’t really. And what about Sansa, who began as a pretty wounded bird and allegedly turned into a strong confident woman? Nah fam. She’s still a petty, snide, gossipy bitch. Dishonest and backstabbing.

Jon/Aegon never changed either. He can’t help but be a noble, relentlessly honest lump of boring. Tyrion is still the same brilliant little scamp who puts his family first no matter how terrible they are. And he does sometimes back the wrong horse, especially when it’s very pretty. Sandor had one main mission in life, and though he did get sidetracked with other tasks along the way, ultimately he refocused on his goal, the Cleganebowl.

Arya? Let’s see what she does in the final ep. Any predictions? I admit I was wrong when I predicted Jaime would kill Cersei, and I’m glad to be wrong. I love that they stuck to the “people don’t change” theme instead, and decided to ignore Maggie’s prophecy. Now, the prediction is that Arya will kill Dany. I don’t know… What do you think?

Thanks for reading all this!

16 responses to “The Most Important Lesson from GOT

  1. It was a bummer the prediction about the valonqar (did I spell that right?) choking Cersei didnt pan out.
    You give a good perspective about people dont change. I didnt look at it that way – you do have a point.
    I agree season & seems like theyre rushing the end. I’m just enjoying the ride. Im curious to see what Arya has up on her sleeve

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  2. 1. I’m nowhere near being a fan of GoT. I binged all the seasons over a year ago because I had a lot of time on my hands and wanted to see what it was all about. I did not see anything special about it. Even after watching every single episode. While this season seems terrible to me, it is nothing so starkly different from previous seasons (at least to me).
    2. I never liked Varys. I’m not sure how other people did.
    3. The Mother of Dragons has never been a character worthy of my admiration. So all this is no shock to me at all.
    4. Yes, Euron’s failure was too funny this time around, but the battle with Jamie was alright. I, too, thought he’d say more about the baby.
    5. I don’t predict anything, because I don’t care.
    6. I really like your conclusion about the fact that people don’t change. Thought-provoking. Hmmm…

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    • Thanks! I don’t think I would have liked the show without reading the books first. I would have been turned off by the first episode. But I was pre-invested in the plot. I like the fact that it shows most characters as neither all good nor bad but as people who are complex. It’s hard to root for anyone totally.

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  3. I haven’t seen a single episode of GoT (nor read any of the books) but I’ve heard the character names because the Ask a manager-website uses them as aliases. And that is the most exposure I’ve had to GoT until this post. 😀

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  4. Vary’s is dead?? What about Rick??

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  5. Suze and l are fans, but we haven’t yet seen any of the last season, although with reviews like this — what is there left to watch?

    Am l being serious?? No of course not, l could watch the whole damn series again if l had the time, loved it, love it, still loving it, looking forward to see season 9 🙂

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  6. They’re bringing it all down at a breakneck pace because they’re all sick and tired of going to parties and not being able to talk about it.

    I liked that the Mountain disobeyed his queen and killed that snotty little maester while he was at it. I like that Arya always pulls through. I liked how she rebuffed Gendry. I was sad that the dragon queen didn’t stop when the city was open but went on a killing spree. I think after that everyone has treasonous thoughts and are only worried about what a dragon will do if you kill it’s mama. And also that Jon (whom I like) is going to be first on her purge list so they’d better do something.

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  7. I never had an interest in GOT. I watched about a third of a show out of curiosity, but it just never grabbed me. I have to say, though, it’s been fun reading about it from other people this season. I don’t have to sit through the gore and be upset if a character I like is killed off, but I at least have a passing knowledge of what it’s all about as a pop culture thing. I do love the idea of a dragon queen, but I’d want her to be good.

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    • Normally that’s me with all of these shows people go on & on about, so I totally get it. I’m glad Sunday is the end. Tired of it already! Wanna get back into reading & writing more 🙂


  8. I like your observations about people not changing. So true! I will disagree about Dany, though. When Dany punished people in the past, she had a reason. We might not have liked the reason, but it was a reason – won’t bend the knee? dracarys; call me a slut when you think i don’t understand your language? dracarys; nailed a bunch of kids to signposts? your turn to give directions. But she had no reason to toast the town. A non-stop flight to the Red Keep would have extracted appropriate revenge AND saved us from Cersei’s dissatisfying end.

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    • In her mind, she was “saving” them all from a tyrant. She was high on her power trip and ego too… her “destiny.”

      What I enjoyed so much about this story is that most of the main characters were a mix of good and bad. None were real heroes.


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