More Things I Hate

I see it’s up to me to break up the syrupy brunch of Mommy Day posts full of flowers and pancakes and goopity goo, mm yes please I would like another mimosa hold the OJ thanks…

What was I saying? Oh! Yes, things I hate. Let’s start with slide. No, I’m not talking about those things in the park next to the swings. I’m talking about the absolutely enraging expression “it was a slide into the DMs.” If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that this is the stupid way young people describe encountering one another privately on a social media site for romantic/ sexual purposes.

In other words, he sent her a message.

For fuck’s sake. We already have normal words like message, text, and email. We don’t need this idiotic slide thing. It drives me bananas.

Next up is drop. This is a word we use in its appropriate sense all the time as in these examples:

1. He drops women after three dates.

2. Don’t drop the baby, Grandma!

3. I dropped the package off at FedEx.

In the past, we had a perfectly good word to describe the action of an artist releasing a new piece of work, whether a song, album, book, painting, etc. We used the word release, in fact! But now these irritating people are using the word drop just to annoy me.

“My single dropped at midnight.”

It sounds like code for a spy operative. “The dog didn’t bark?”

“No, he was poisoned by the double agent.”

“Funny, I thought you were the double agent.”

“Well, actually–”


Even more things I hate coming soon!

27 responses to “More Things I Hate

  1. I’ve never heard that use of the word “slide.” I have heard the term “drop” to signify releasing a new record, and I’m not sure I like it either.

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  2. HaHa! Another one that bugs me is “going live”. A friend recently said she could not make a luncheon date that several of us had arranged. She was the one who had chosen the date in fact. She said she didn’t think she could make it because she had some big project at work that was “going live ” the day before our luncheon date. Going live?

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  3. Hahaha….I hate all those too.

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  4. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    I just learned a few new words, thanks Paula. This post is hilarious. Young folks today are weird. They think that old folks like me are weird too.

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  5. A slide into the DMs.

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  6. I was young, up until the moment of reading this. Now, am old and am happy I escaped this …. Who has so much time in the world to create these word definitions?

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  7. That is so funny and so true !

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  8. I hate that expression – she’s on her period. What the heck is that? She has her period. Ugh! Makes me crazy.

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  9. Expressions that seem to mean the opposite just confuse me. Like when people say “I’m dying” when they are actually trying to say they are having a good laugh.

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  10. Isn’t like slide and banana in the same line kind of quirky lmao!? Or is that just me? I haven’t heard of slide, l know slid, l have done a lot of slidding in or is is it sliding in? But l have slid on ice! But it probably is me, l just thought l would ‘drop’ it in πŸ™‚

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  12. Perhaps the most annoying mis-use of a word is “sick”. And, since I do live under a rock, deliberately, maybe that’s outdated now. The first time I heard it (via a nephew who was telling his brother about a ‘sick concert” he’d gone to, I said “You went to WHAT kind of concert? Sick? Did I mis-hear you?” Both young men thought that was hilarious and I had to fall back on “Urban Dictionary” to clear up what today’s “sick” is (it apparently means cool or great) and yesterday’s sick (as in ill, ailing, barfing etc etc) was. I hate ’em too. You’ve got a movement started here..

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  13. I see you is woke! πŸ™‚

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