Tick Tock [flash 99]

I don’t believe in denial or dime store philosophy. You age regardless of how you feel about aging. Death has you in its crosshairs no matter how much time and money you spend covering up the signs of years gone by. It’s great if you keep active, eat healthily, and dream more dreams, but the calendar still flips a page every 24 hours just as it does for the people with bad habits. Will you have more pages than the couch potatoes? Maybe, but no guarantees. Stop acting so superior! You just don’t know how much time is left.


Carrot Ranch 99 Words Challenge

16 responses to “Tick Tock [flash 99]

  1. Death does, indeed, have us all in its crosshairs. Good response to the prompts.

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  2. Not me. I’m gonna live forever.

    So far, so good.

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  3. This needs to go on inspirational posters.

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  4. I so much agree with you. You age, regardless. You show your age somewhere or somehow. It’s going to happen – death. You may as well stop worrying about it.

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  5. So very true. Loved it!

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  6. The calendar flips the page on all of us, indeed. Coach potato or health nut, we gotta lives the days we have and it is silly for anyone to think they are above mortality. But many try to hide from it!

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