Good Eggtentions [275 words]

This innocuous box of colorfully dyed eggs reminds me of all the money I’ve wasted on crafts that didn’t happen over the years. And even if they’d materialized, I’m not sure that the money would have been well-spent, but at least I’d then have had the satisfaction of a completed task.

I began a “tee shirt business” in the 1990s that never took off, partly because I developed carpal tunnel in my hand from painting all day, and partly because… what, really? I was paying retail price for all my supplies and just dabbling. How was this ever going to be profitable? 🙄

Then, because I received compliments over some adorable cakes I created, I thought, well, I could go into the cake decorating biz, but… see the tee shirt paragraph. 🤪

After that, I decided crafts would be back to hobbies only, yada. But I still have to be careful. I got carried away buying yarn a few times after crocheting for five minutes. Naturally, the projects were left untouched in my closet. (I did complete my knitted scarf however, hurrah!) The girls and I made bead necklaces up north once, and it was a struggle for me not to run out and begin a bead “thing.” Beads! Fun! 😀

Just typing that makes me want to do beady beady beads.

Mostly though, the rainbow eggs remind me of Beanie Baby days. Yes, I was one of those crazy people. At a certain point, there was a trend to buy multiple white Halo (angel) bears and dye them different colors in pots on your stove. I did this.

Why? I don’t know. 😳


THW Prompt ~ May 9

14 responses to “Good Eggtentions [275 words]

  1. I have also started stuff which just later was abandoned.

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  2. Oh yeah…crafts! I’ve loved doing all kinds, but hardly ever stuck with it for very long. I wasn’t planning on selling them, so I’d do them, and then what…they were just there. I enjoyed making the things though. 🙂

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  3. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    You were adventurous and at least gave it all a try. Now what do to with all those crafts things filling the closet….sell them. I love the humor in your post.

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  4. I’ve got a lot of those laying around also. Didn’t try them for a business but. What’s cool though is sometimes the interest rolls back around and you’re all set. The latest thing I got stuff for was acrylic paint pouring. I made several paintings and now they just take up space!

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  5. You like to have fun!! Btw, chiropractors can help with carpal tunnel.

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  6. I think crafting is dangerous lol so therefore will soon take it up to sell things😳

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