An Immodest Proposal

Let your writing take center stage! You work hard on your fiction and poetry, so don’t bury it down the screen after posting 27 lines of copypasta text from a prompt host. Why do people do this? Habit?

Stop. 😀

This is the order your fiction or poetry post should take.

1. Title (obviously).

2. Picture.

3. Your original writing (including any linked words going back to a prompt host).

4. A marker showing your piece has ended if you’re going to say something else. Write “The End” or put “***” or similar.

5. If needed, a short phrase linking back to one or more prompt hosts (for example, “Tuesday Monster Prompts”).

That’s it! There’s no reason to copypasta the prompt host’s entire post into your writing. It clutters up your post and takes away from your new work. Why should readers scroll past a huge pile of rules to get to your poem or story? By that time, the mood between the picture and your words has been broken. Even if you post the picture later, why bore your readers with this gobble upfront? Your writing is the star attraction!

If your work has inspired another blogger to try the prompt, great! They can then click through your linked word or phrase to the prompt host and read the rules there, download the pic, and copy the link. Then the host gets a visit. You don’t need to de facto become the new prompt host by reposting everything.

I realize I’m being bossy, but this is actually the right way, so. 🙂👍🏻🎉

21 responses to “An Immodest Proposal

  1. You said it! I agree with you almost 100%. I don’t always but I do some times put ### or +++ after the short story or poem.

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  2. I concur when I’m using prompts to write flash fiction. I’ll insert a line at the END of my writing, and after that line, I’ll reference the prompts my post is in response to.

    But when I’m answering questions, such as those asked by Rory, for example, or Melanie’s Share You World, or if I get nominated for a blog award, I will give a little preamble and, if there are rules, I state them before I start answering the questions. Especially for Rory’s games, which can be a bit convoluted.

    Does this makes sense?

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  3. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    Yep, right on.

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  4. Thank you. Makes sense!

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  5. You’re right. When I’m scrolling through excerpts in Reader and all I see is the preamble, I rarely visit the post. Sad but true. And so easily fixed.

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  6. Well I have been doing it the “wrong” way, but in my mind, I like to honor the folks who, tirelessly, day after day, keep me writing with their creative prompts. But! as you — and I see Fandango concurs in the comments above — and Fandango are two of the main prompters I write to, I’ll give it a try. How’s that for flexibility?

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  7. Excellently phrased – also is there a note that says the words don’t need to be highlighted? Or is it only me that notices that?

    **note taken about convoluted, hence why l have stopped those prompts.

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