Y is for You [A2Z]

You’ve Got Mail is my favorite romantic comedy. It stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, both outstanding, and it’s written and directed by Nora Ephron. I love the build-up of conflicted feelings between Kathleen and Joe, who not only are business rivals but also are with other partners as the story opens. (Both sets of couples break up before K&J get together.) None of that can overcome their growing attraction toward each other though ~ and for quite a while it’s not a physical attraction, which is the best part to me. It’s a combination of an emotional and intellectual connection sustained in writing via chats.

I’m not gonna lie: it’s always been my preference/dream to find this with someone before meeting in person and discovering that it translates to physical chemistry as well. Probably this is why I was so magnetized by the idea of dating sites in the first place. But just like in this movie, most men are deceptive in chats; in real life, though, the ending doesn’t work out so happily ever after.

To me, You’ve Got Mail is simply perfect, the epitome of a romcom. The best of the best. I only wish I could have saved it for last, but there’s one day left…

19 responses to “Y is for You [A2Z]

  1. Love the scene where he brings her daisies when she’s got a stinking cold! Makes me weepy at the end as did Sleepless in Seattle.

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  2. Good movie. The ending is a bit disappointing but it’s a fun ride.

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  3. The ending had Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan being together and both bookstores were saved, which was a bit too predictable.

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    • Yep, romcoms are fantasies. Thanks for reminding us that the business/financial aspects of them are as fantastical as the love aspect. My favorite is when a waitress has an enormous apartment in NYC!

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  4. i loved this film lots when it came out, watched it many times.

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  5. Hah! I refered to this movie when I was helping a co-worker test her email today. 😀


  6. They look so young…

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