V is for Valley [A2Z]

Valley Girl is a cute romcom starring Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage. It’s essentially a conflict between social class and peer groups. Julie is part of the upper middle class “Galleria” crowd, all about being popular at her high school, dating a football player, looking cute at all times, etc. Randy is an edgy Hollywood dude, part of the tougher L.A. scene “over the hill,” and shunned by Julie’s friends after he crashes into their world one night.

Though the movie is about high school kids and can seem silly at times (not to mention dated now), it still has the universal theme regarding choices we make, even as adults, and how difficult it is to step away from our social group and their expectations and prejudices.

7 responses to “V is for Valley [A2Z]

  1. Ohh, mannnn, those were the days!

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  2. I never did see that. Cage seems to be one of those people who’ve turned good luck into a vast fortune. Or maybe he’s one of those actors who’s just so good every other man looks and says, shit, I can do THAT. Takes talent.

    Gotta admit “tougher L.A. scene” sounds kinda funny from up here but, sure, of course.

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  3. Literal Brain says: “If you can see the Hollywood sign, you’re not in the Valley!”
    But of course, Hollywood being Hollywood would mess up even Hollywood. 😂

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